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Tying a Quilt Without a Frame

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I am going to tie a twin size quilt. I usually have used a friend's frame, but she has moved. How can I tie a quilt without using a frame?

Karen from Woodland Hills, UT



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By Lorraine02/28/2009

I have never tied a quilt on a frame. I have always done it on the floor. In the instructions I learned from, the lady just laid it on her bed and tied it.

By susan [5]02/25/2009

A couple of times I hung everything over my outside clothes line. I then basted through all layers and hand quilted later. A few other times, after hanging over the clothes line, I safety pinned through all layers. Then I took it inside and tied it.

By k w (Guest Post)02/24/2009

You can make a frame very easy. Get everything you need from Lowe's, good luck.

By Katie (Guest Post)02/24/2009

Or you can pin. I start the same, lay all layers out on the floor in the correct order. Get everything all smoothed out and then I put a safety pin everywhere I plan on making a tie. Then I can lift up the quilt, roll it up, sew around the edges or anything else. When I go to tie I tie at the safety pin and take it out. You can buy bent "quilting" pins at almost any sewing store - and they are a life saver in my opinion.

By londa (Guest Post)02/24/2009

I did this once, too. It worked really well. The only thing I did differently was I rolled the finished part up as I went to cut down on the number of times I had to stand up, and then bend down again.

By Maggie (Guest Post)02/24/2009

The same way I did my quilting without a quilting frame. Lay out all the layers on the clean floor and baste along the edges and X thru the middle. It might take an hour or so. Make the basting stitches very large about 3 inches apart. You can then roll it up and tie it anywhere. Remove the basting at the end. Good Luck

Here is a picture of the quilt I made for my son and daughter-in-law for their wedding present.

RE: Tying a Quilt without a Frame

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