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Candle Wax on a Laminate Floor


How do I get candle wax off of laminate floor?

Haggitha from Whitecourt


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By Monique 108 177 01/04/2007 Flag

Hello, the only thing i can think of at the moment is to fill a Ziploc bag with some ice and place over the wax. Wait a while for it to harden then carefully see if it will peel off with your fingernail.
I'll have a proper think to see if i can come up with anything better.

Good luck, Monique xx

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 01/04/2007 Flag

I would take a putty knife (best if it was plastic) and scrape it off. That should bring up most of it. Getting it cold with ice cubes in a plastic bag is also a good idea so that it all comes up together.

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By metroplex 82 416 09/09/2007 Flag

I don't know if this will work on laminate floors, but I do know it will remove candle wax from carpets and wooden furniture.

Take a plain, brown paper bag - the kind with no lettering or printing on it. You can get this kind of brown paper that is used for wrapping packages at any mailing store or Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc.

Cover the paper over the candle wax. I'd experiment and see if you need a few layers of paper.
Take a warm iron and gentle move it over the waxed spot.
You will see the wax melting and being absorbed into the brown paper and being absorbed off of the carpet (or wood).
Continue replacing the brown paper over the wax spot until it is removed.

It's important not to let the iron get too warm because you don't want to singe or melt the carpet.
It's also important to keep the iron moving.

Again, I know this works for carpets and wood, but I hope you get lucky with your flooring!

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