Do Thermal Insulated Curtains Really Help?


Does anyone know if those thermo curtains work? You see them at Walmart and Target. They have a special backing to the curtains that are energy efficient and of course block out light.

By sanemom4 from North Kingstown, RI


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By Myrna 15 1,062 09/08/2010

Yes, the thermo drapes do help blockout the heat of summer and the chill of winter's glass panes; however, I recommend washing them by hand as I did them in the washing machine following mfg. instructions and a lot of the backing chipped off when they stuck together when wet. I did not put them in the dryer. Granted WalMart may be cheaper priced than a better quality elsewhere, but the material itself is in great condition. The backing is of cheap quality and the drapes did keep their shape after washing. I am disappointed at paying so much for them and after a first wash, the backing did not hold up as expected. I feel like I was gouged pricewise because of it.

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By Joan 13 1,482 09/08/2010

I always washed my thermal backed curtains/drapes in the washer and never had any trouble with the backing peeling off, even where they stuck together. The ones I had I ordered out of the Montgomery Wards catalog back in the 70s. The ones I had were so big it would have been really hard to wash them by hand.

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By applesauce 8 55 09/10/2010

Yes, thermal backed drapes do work. When you purchase the drapes/curtains be sure that the backing is not the very thin kind you can find in some stores. The extra $$ you will spend is well worth it. You just have to use your "common sense" when purchasing them as to what is a good backing and what is not.

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By Linda 45 299 09/10/2010

I found insulated drapes in our "new" home and yes, they do keep some of the heat out. I also put up bubble wrap in the window, west facing and that helped even more. I have not washed them yet!

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By Mary Lou 4 16 09/10/2010

Yes they do and when they were replaced I used them like meat in a sandwich in some lap robes. That worked out far better then I expected. The lap robes were around for a very long time!

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By meshelle 4 24 09/10/2010

Yep they sure do work! As previous response, make sure you buy decent thickness insulation as they do keep a room warm in the winter (in the uk).

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By sanemom4 7 2 09/10/2010

Thanks for the feedback! Is there a brand name one would recommend for thermo curtains?

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