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Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs

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Bug Bites

When you are having trouble identifying what insect is bitting you, they can be difficult to get rid of. This is a guide about getting rid of invisible biting bugs.


Solutions: Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs

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Tip: Preventing Bites from Invisible Bugs

Use Hibiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser while showering and they won't bite that night.

    By AWilkinson [1]

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    Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs.

    Question: Identifying Small White Biting Bugs

    I have these tiny white bugs look like tiny grains of salt. On the hardwood floors, as well as, the carpet they look like lint. They are on my mattress encasement, sheets, everything in the house. They look like dust on furniture.


    Question: Getting Bitten By Unseen Bugs

    I stay at my boyfriend's house on the weekends and I can't go a single night without getting bit. My boyfriend never gets bit. This has been going on for a few months now. I thought it was fleas because his mom has 3 dogs that aren't properly bathed or groomed, but the dogs are downstairs and do not go upstairs, where his room is.
    Some nights aren't bad, but some nights, like tonight, are really bad and I get bit 15+ times and can't sleep because I'm constantly scratching.

    We have done several things to try and get rid of the bugs. We've done DIY flea traps (never caught anything), we've used flea and other bugs powder for the carpets, we've put baking soda all in the carpet (another thing I read online that works better than flea powder), we've sprayed the room, washed all blankets and pillow cases, vacuumed, vacuumed, and vacuumed again, and we're about to do it all over again with washing everything vacuuming and spraying the room.

    There's no way it's bed bugs. We have taken flashlights and searched all over the room, edges of carpet, the bed, everything. We've searched many times and have never seen a single bug. My boyfriend also has an air mattress, not a normal one. There are no bugs whatsoever on or in his mattress. It has to be the carpet.

    I'm the only one getting bitten and it's driving me crazy. I barely get any sleep at night and my boyfriend has to listen to me complain about these phantom bugs. It's putting a strain in our relationship. I want these bugs evicted, but we can't even figure out what they are. We're trying and it's really hard.

    We've ruled out bed bugs, mosquitos, and spiders. There's no way I could get bit for months and never seen a web, a bed bug, or a mosquito flying around.

    Also, it's only when I'm sleeping. We can lay on the bed and watch TV and never get bit. But the second I fall asleep I'm getting bit. We also work late nights and sleep all morning, some afternoons so it's not like these bugs are nocturnal, unless they're also on our sleep schedule.

    Please help me try to figure out what's biting me, and what I can do about it. These bugs constantly have me in tears from sleepless nights. I'm going crazy. Nothing is working.
    Thank you in advance.

      By karenleesalyers [1]


      Most Recent Answer

      By pepeboteilho09/28/2015

      Oh my gosh this is 100 percent the same for us. But the thing is its my baby boy getting bit. It started when he was 7 months old and he's now almost 2! He's crying in the middle of the night constantly scratching. I feel so bad but nothing has worked! We've seen 5 different doctors and we got 5 absolutely different diagnosis on what biting or causing all the bumps and scratching! So heart wrenching frustration from going over a million different possibilities and none of them being right. I hope you get an answer and will give me an answer too.

      Question: Tiny Bugs in My House

      I have very very small almost un-noticeable sized black and white jumping, biting insects (or at least I am assuming that's their species) in my house. They originated from my mattress somehow a year ago. I got a bedbug sheet and had someone come in after that and everything went back to normal.

      My parents think I am crazy to be bringing it up again since it's been about a year! But for the last few days, since I changed my sheets and took off the bedbug sheet also by accident, they have come out to play and infest my entire household once again. I can't even sleep well because they are non stop making me itch, hurt from bites, etc. Anyone, can you help me identify these bugs(?) and the way I can kill them once and for all? Please email me through this site, thank you!

      By Julia from Newtown, PA


      Most Recent Answer

      By lynne c02/15/2014

      I have these small bugs now for over 2 years they started from fleas in garden from neighbours dog. I had council out to spray as they got in my home. They are thrips the small black one like dots or some times they are small and long the small white hard back pests are spring tails. They breed so fast its hard to get rid of them.

      My health have suffered, I have moved home 3 times and still they are with me. They are so small. They are also air born, doctors don't know what to do my Mp don't care and says he cannot do anything. I am intouch with others who are also suffering no one will believe you and they drive you mad many people have taken their lives from this.

      I was shocked at how many people are suffering I also came close to ending my life as I cannot see it ending It is no life living this way. They get in clothes, picture frames, carpets, food, computer screens and in the TV. I spray most days to keep it down but they breed so fast. I am in UK but they are all over the world. It needs many to get together and fight this or it will never end

      Question: Identifying Biting Insect

      I keep getting bites on my arms, some are small red bites others initially look like mosquito bites. I've had 2 professional pest control inspectors to search for what I thought might be bed bugs, but I've never seen one and they both said they didn't see any signs of bed bugs either. So what can it be biting me?

      By Nikki

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna D.06/27/2015

      How can you get rid of them, in your apartment and on your body since they are obviously parasites? My cousin who brought them into my home has left her home,clothes etc. went to Alaska and gave them to her sister.

      Question: Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs

      I keep finding little bug bites on my 3 year old's arms, I have searched her bed and no bugs, checked my cat and no bugs. Somehow these bug bites continue to appear each morning so something is biting her and then disappearing. I took her to the doctor and she said looks like a flea bite but I just can't seem to find them! How can I deter any and all bugs from biting her at night?

      By Sonia H.

      Most Recent Answer

      By tshirtdr109/07/2015

      I am sorry to hear about your suffering. If you have mites, I have found the cure. Remember that doctors did not believe in germs until about 100 years ago. I have suffered a similar fate for years. Mine are mites. I have spent thousands of dollars, but I finally found a solution. I am posting it everywhere. Get FORBID 4F. It might take a couple of months for it to work completely. You must saturate everything and fog with forbid under your house if you have a crawlspace. You need a ULV fogger. This will cost you several hundred US dollars if you were in the US. (Don't know where you are.) Spend the money. Put it on thick. You can use a sulfur cream on your skin. God Bless. (I do not own any stock in Forbid or ULV foggers.)

      Question: Bugs on the Window Sills

      On occasion I have found these small black or dark bugs, that when I look closely, have white stripes on them. They are mostly in the window sills, but I also have found a few when I swept my kitchen floor. So now I'm getting a new broom and cleaning out the vacuum.


      Question: Daughter Bitten by Unknown Bugs

      My 3 year old daughter keeps getting bitten, in the house, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, by unseen, unknown bugs! They are very red, and incredibly itchy. She is miserable, and as she itches, the bites becomes huge lumps and welts, and even sometimes have a red ring around them. She will get 8 to 10 at a time. First, how do I help her itching, and secondly, how do I get rid of any bugs in the house? What can I use that is a natural product? We are very conscious of chemicals and pesticides and don't want the effects of those around our daughter either!
      Any help would be very much appreciated!
      Beth :)

      Most Recent Answer

      By don314904/07/2012

      I have been fighting the same type of bites. I thought at first it might be bed bugs but had my house checked and it was not. Know I think it was some type of mites or scabies...So I started researching just like everyone else. I came across (Tea Tree Oil).

      I am very skeptical about everything I do not know about, but since the bites kept coming and I did not want or have the money to go see the doctor, I tried it. It's not too expensive and it works! I read a post were someone said to take a bath and put about 20 drops in the bath and bath for 20 minutes or so.

      I did this the first time. It was good, but not strong enough for me. I did some more research and read that Tea Tree Oil is one of the only 100% concentrated oils that is safe to apply directly. Now I do not recommend it for all as it is strong and you will feel a slight burning sensation, but wow. So what I do is shower and scrub with soap. Then rinse and fill the tub half way or so. Put in 40 drops or so or just apply directly (100%) to my bites. I usually do not even rinse again as the oil acts as a repellant after it dries.

      It has been two weeks, no new bits and the old bites are all healing. You will see that Tea Tree oil treats many things besides killing mites. Acne, fungal stuff, etc. I highly recommend it. I am not a doctor and am not claiming to be. I just want to share my success as those of us that have had these horrible experiences know just how bad life can get.

      There are other size bottles available, but I have used thee one ounce bottles already, so four ounces seems to be the way to go.

      Take care and give it a try you will not be disappointed!

      Question: Bugs Biting Me

      Something is biting me on my arms, and I have never seen the bug that bites. I sit or lie on a leather sofa. My floors are tile with an area rug. I have three small dogs that are treated monthly with Revolution.

      Two of the dogs are fine, one is having a terrible time scratching. The vet keeps saying allergies, but I no longer believe this to be true because he is getting worse. I see no insects in my house, on the dog or on myself.

      I live in southwest Florida and at first thought it was an insect we call Noseeums. The temperatures have dropped along with humidity so the Noseeums are no longer around. I am open to any and all suggestions.

      By Wanda C.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]11/11/2014

      Check for bedbugs. They are pretty sneaky and hide a lot. They usually are active at night. Check around the seams on your mattress and box spring and on the underside seams on your sofa. They leave little poop stains where they hang out. They are a pain. Good luck.

      Question: Tiny White Biting Bugs

      I have tiny white, lint like, airborne biting bugs. What are they and how do I get rid of them?