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Tiny Bugs in My House

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I have very very small almost un-noticeable sized black and white jumping, biting insects (or at least I am assuming that's their species) in my house. They originated from my mattress somehow a year ago. I got a bedbug sheet and had someone come in after that and everything went back to normal.

My parents think I am crazy to be bringing it up again since it's been about a year! But for the last few days, since I changed my sheets and took off the bedbug sheet also by accident, they have come out to play and infest my entire household once again. I can't even sleep well because they are non stop making me itch, hurt from bites, etc. Anyone, can you help me identify these bugs(?) and the way I can kill them once and for all? Please email me through this site, thank you!

By Julia from Newtown, PA

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By lynne c02/15/2014

I have these small bugs now for over 2 years they started from fleas in garden from neighbours dog. I had council out to spray as they got in my home. They are thrips the small black one like dots or some times they are small and long the small white hard back pests are spring tails. They breed so fast its hard to get rid of them.

My health have suffered, I have moved home 3 times and still they are with me. They are so small. They are also air born, doctors don't know what to do my Mp don't care and says he cannot do anything. I am intouch with others who are also suffering no one will believe you and they drive you mad many people have taken their lives from this.

I was shocked at how many people are suffering I also came close to ending my life as I cannot see it ending It is no life living this way. They get in clothes, picture frames, carpets, food, computer screens and in the TV. I spray most days to keep it down but they breed so fast. I am in UK but they are all over the world. It needs many to get together and fight this or it will never end

By register05/20/2013

I know here in AZ the animals that go outside to do their business and come back in carry these little black bugs that look like a little dot but bite, bite, bite I vacuum a lot dry my sheets and blankets first then wash them and my trick is lining my bed with Bounce fabric softener sheets. It works. You just have to keep the animals clean and shampooed at least once a week and keep your linens clean and above ALL the bounce sheets

By Ida [3]01/20/2012

Sounds like you might have bed bugs.


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Question: Bugs on the Window Sills

On occasion I have found these small black or dark bugs, that when I look closely, have white stripes on them. They are mostly in the window sills, but I also have found a few when I swept my kitchen floor. So now I'm getting a new broom and cleaning out the vacuum. I do have a dog and cat that are kept clean. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any help is appreciated.

By Jos C. from Northern CA

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/10/2014

This sounds like flour weevils. They live in any flour product. If you have flour (or cake mixes etc.) that are more than one year old, get rid of it. They came in with a flour product and they will soon be gone.

Question: Tiny White Biting Bugs

I have tiny white, lint like, airborne biting bugs. What are they and how do I get rid of them?

By Maria E from Sarasota, FL

Question: Identifying Small White Biting Bugs

I have these tiny white bugs look like tiny grains of salt. On the hardwood floors, as well as, the carpet they look like lint. They are on my mattress encasement, sheets, everything in the house. They look like dust on furniture. I have so many bites that itch, burn, and will not heal. It is a chore to go to bed because I know what's coming. They are all over the house, bathrooms and kitchen. What are these things and how do I get rid of them? They are even on my pets.

By Judy

Most Recent Answer

By crzem12/15/2013

I am having the same or a similar problem mainly in my Bedroom and Bathroom and it seems to be worse at night. I couldn't understand why I was the only one being bitten then I read it's possibly due to me having a weak immune system. Please if anyone finds out what they are let me know and I'll do the same. My email crzem23 AT


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Archive: Tiny Bugs In My House

I have very tiny bugs - the size of the top of a straight pin in my kitchen around the windows and on my white floor. When you step on them or use your finger to smash them, they leave a reddish, brown streak. I tried spraying and caulked the baseboard area. How do I get rid of them?


Archive: Tiny Bugs In My House

I have little brown bugs (look like mites). They can be seen with the eye, but are really small. They don't bite, but really annoying. Does anyone have an idea of what they are? Please help. We have had them for a week and are going crazy. We are going to bomb and see what that does.

By mommie3 from IN

RE: Tiny Bugs In My House

I was told by an exterminator: these are called drain flies, and they live in drains. He told a few of us at work ( more than one of us had these), pour about two cups or so of bleach into our drains every other day or so until they are gone. They live in the elbow of the drain so letting the bleach sit for awhile killed them. (07/27/2009)

By lkoenig

RE: Tiny Bugs In My House

Hello, tiny brown bug people. The exterminator was in last evening. We cleaned out our entire pantry and found the source, a can of Hot Chocolate mix. We threw out the can wiped down all of our cupboards and the exterminator will be back on Friday to spray. Hope this helps everyone out. 1265/WI (08/19/2009)

By 1265

Archive: Tiny Bugs in My House

I have tiny bugs all over my house. They are like book lice and are in everything I look at, kids toys, even in my drawers. When I want to wear a top I inspect it and there is a tiny bug in it, it's making me feel disgusted. Help me please.

By Angelcake from UK

RE: Tiny Bugs In My House

Tiny bugs. Don't know what a book mite looks like, but will google it when I'm done.

Best bet for starters. Throw out everything in every room not needed, old, unused, from newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, clothing etc. Wash anything washable you want to keep. Make a warm water, soap, bleach solution and wipe down everything which can be wiped in every room. Dust all areas. Put an old t shirt on a broom and wipe corners of all walls, behind furniture, under furniture, and ceiling corners. If you have a very old piece of furniture, with cloth, foam or stuffing, consider tossing it out. Same for any old cushions, pillows, quilts, anything that might be nest areas. Same with old plants which might have dead leaves, branches, etc.

Decaying houseplants can harbor quite the colonies of bugs, which I didn't know until this summer myself. Had a bunch of plants in a planter on front porch, most of them died while I was gone, from being over watered by someone trying to be a helper. I didn't think to toss them, gnat type things everywhere. It took us a lot of cleaning, poking, tossing, and reading on web, to figure out where they were coming from. Who knew?

Bugs like dusty, crumbly, spider webby areas, and they make even more of the same. Sometimes all it takes is a little piece of decaying fruit left somewhere by a child.

I don't like bug sprays. Over the years they are very damaging to our bodies, especially to children. So I just try to handle it the old fashioned way. Takes more time, but then you know where everything in your house is, you find things you lost, and you feel good. (08/25/2009)


RE: Tiny Bugs in My House

Please look into Collembola (Springtails). They were never considered a human parasite and some biologists still don't believe it, but they are. I know as I have felt biting and found them on my skin. They love damp warm areas and typically feed on fungus and bacteria. For some unknown reason, they make their way indoors and start feeding on people. Many biologists are now accepting that they do feed on certain humans. I had a small amount of toe nail fungus on my toenail. I don't know if that was what attracted them to me in the first place or not, but to say it's been a nightmare is an understatement.

I am currently looking into getting new windows (they are old and have mold on them), and I was told to get rid of all moisture sources in the house. I may very well buy a dehumidifier in each room. I find apple cider vinegar does a great job killing them. I actually add it to my bath water every night when I soak before bed to help with the biting sensations.

Best of luck. I am dealing with this horrific problem as well. (08/28/2009)

By brat789456

RE: Tiny Bugs in My House

I have the same issue as far as using anything toxic. I have pets and a five year old boy so I don't want to use anything toxic either. I read somewhere that mint oil like peppermint oil is a great miticide/pesticide. I also find tea tree oil good as well, but I wound up purchasing Kleen Green because I know tea tree oil is toxic to cats so I use it on myself, but don't want to be spraying that stuff where my cat can get it.

Tea tree oil also has been known to cause breast enlargement in males if used for a prolonged period of time. Because I am female I use it as I don't need to worry about that. I have also found that any kind of orange cleaner kills live bugs. I had an ant problem and sprayed them with a naturally orange cleaner product I bought at the grocery store and they died instantly.

Also, I use Borax and vacuum frequently. Borax will get on the little buggers feet and when they clean themselves it causes them to dehydrate and die. Sprinkle on your carpets. Let sit and vacuum up very well. It is non-toxic, but in my opinion, I don't know how good it is for animals to be sitting in it if you don't vacuum it up, it may cause skin irritation because it is "salty." I even sprinkled it on my mattress, let it sit and vacuumed it up.

The Kleen Green says that its enzymes eat away at the bugs outer protective coating in order to get inside and kill them and it is non-toxic. You could bathe in it and use it on pets as well. I just bought it so I can't say much about it yet as I haven't used it long enough. It's a bit pricey. If anything at this point, it makes me feel like I am doing something productive, but that will remain to be seen. Good luck! (08/30/2009)

By brat789456

RE: Tiny Bugs in My House

To Angelcake from the UK: The tiny bugs that look like lice can also be bird lice that come from bird nests, like swallows, that are anywhere on a house. Birds are loaded with lice and so are their nests. The lice leave the nests and enter the house anywhere there is even the smallest crack, usually around windows and window sills. They will go away when the nests are removed. (08/30/2009)

By Barb.

RE: Tiny Bugs in My House

Boric Acid. Sprinkle it in places that pets cannot get. The bugs crawl in it, and take it back to their nest, and all die. (08/30/2009)

By Acajudi

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