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Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker


I have the Swiffer Carpet Flick. I have looked in several stores but no one has the refill/recharge cartridges. Can I go online and order the refills?

By Beverly from Church Hill, TN


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By Lisa 2 656 01/20/2010 Flag ... lick+refills&sprefix=swiffer+car
I imagine there are other places you can find them, too. Not terribly difficult to do a search.

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Archive: Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker

I'm look for the sticky refills for the orange Swiffer carpet flicker. I live in Loveland, Colorado and can't find them anywhere. I have birds and it works wonderful to pick up the seeds from the carpet. If you can help, please advise and thank you.

Donita from Loveland, CO


RE: Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker

I found some generic Swifter refills at the $1.00 store, here in Mass. (12/29/2008)

By mulberry204

Archive: Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker

I have been looking everywhere for the refills for the Swiffer Flicker but they are nowhere to be found. However, I have found an alternative. Buy yourself some sticky mouse pads, trim the sides and since it is sticky only on one side, put the sticky side on top not the bottom and take a paper punch and punch a hole where it snaps on to lock. This directs whatever you pick up to the inside of the Swiffer where it will hold more than the regular double sticky side would. They last longer. If you use an exterminator, you can get them for free from them.

By Pepawr from Paris, Tennessee


RE: Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker

You can also take a piece of thin cardboard (ie cereal box, hamburger helper box, etc.) using an old flick pad cut your cardboard to size. Take double sided tape (I use carpet tape) and place on both sides of your form and there you go. (06/03/2009)

By imaqt1962

RE: Refills for Swiffer Carpet Flicker

I don't have a flicker, but for the swiffer duster I go to the dollar store and get dust cloths. You can get three for a dollar and they are washable. (06/08/2009)

By fefiep

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