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What Can I Do With Fermented Apple Cider?

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I bought some fresh apple cider for a special occasion that didn't happen. Now I have 12 gallons of fermented apple cider. What to do with it?

Carol from Anderson, MO



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By Ann (Guest Post)03/26/2008

Sosha makes me want to go get a gallon just to try ol' Uncle's recipe! Carol, hope you have a BIG freezer and a lot of friends!LOL

By Sarah Leach [8]03/26/2008

You can make apple cider vinegar by letting it sit longer until it's "gone over" or you can make AppleJack...
if you want to make applejack you just freeze the now "sparkling" cider for at least three days, pour the liquid into another container and throw out the frozen part. Keep doing this until it no longer freezes.
It WILL knock you loopy and the taste is interesting... My great Uncle used to make this a LOT.
Other wise, freeze it now and use it for cooking.

By Vi Johnson [237]03/25/2008

Use it to water your gardenia plants...they LOVE IT!! You will be rewarded with greener foliage and many more flowers. About a cup of juice to a gallon of water. Sometimes I just pour on a 1/2 bottle and follow with the hose. I buy it on sale for 99 cents a 1/2 gal.Just for the plants.GG Vi

By Kerry Browning [2]03/25/2008

And it tastes delicious. Bubbly and cold. Yum!

By doodles [8]03/25/2008

In a pinch (depending on how fermented - taste it) you can use in place of vinegar. It will also make a good base for a meat marinade/tenderizer. Add whatever spices you like. Small qtys, I know, but if you come up w/ some combination you like, you can 'can' it, bottle it in decorative jars and give as 'homemade', or donate to bazaars etc.

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]03/24/2008

You can drink it -- it's called hard cider!

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