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Paint Color Ideas for House with Dark Gray Carpet


I found this great house to rent with nice size rooms however, the carpet color is like a dark gray or smoke black color with white walls. I am not afraid of bold colors and I was thinking of painting the wall that has openings to the kitchen and bathroom a bold red? I am in need of some help on choosing accent wall colors to go with the carpet. I would like to keep the rooms as open as possible. Thanks in advance.

By ANH128 from Long Beach, CA


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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 04/02/2009

I would use cream color on the walls and use bold colors on the things in the room, such as a red-orange pattern on a chair or lime green curtains.

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By Heather Krucker 10 282 04/03/2009

Just checking to make sure you asked the landlord if it's okay to paint the walls...then I like the previous posts ideas.

I also saw on Decorating Cents with a renter that couldn't paint the walls...they painted big canvas panels instead. Also, I've seen instead of purchasing new canvas...using an old picture found at a yard sale or thrift store and painting over it to match the room.

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By Betty 14 78 04/03/2009

I just did a large room with one very bright red wall , the others a very pale gray. The floor is white and black. I painted all the walls gray first, as the red needs a gray undercoat. It is just gorgeous with many compliments.

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By Patricia Taylor 50 04/03/2009

I also was going to suggest a pale gray, but in a frosted or "Pearlized" paint. I think that would be beautiful! If you can't find paint like that, I would suggest painting with the shade of gray you like, then goe over it with a pearlized glaze.

Pat T in Nevada

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