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Using Applesauce Instead of Oil


Can applesauce by substituted for oil in all recipes?

By lkon


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By Vicki 24 428 03/08/2011

Maybe not all, but it works great in cakes and I have been meaning to try it in cornbread, but not done it. One of the best cakes I ever made was a cheap box of cake mix and cake frosting from a dollar store and I replaced the oil with applesauce and used egg white instead of whole eggs. It was incredibly moist. My picky mother claimed she could "taste" the applesauce, but I noticed no difference and the cake remained marvelously moist for days. Oh, also, I did use baby sauce applesauce which probably has less sugar and of course, is ultra-fine in consistency.

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By Lilac 20 1,331 03/09/2011

It can but I would just as soon not have a piece of cake made with it. I can taste the difference and I don't lik it. Per piece, the oil and applesauce only have a few calories difference so why ruin the taste of the cake.

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Well, if you're asking regarding baked goods I would think it would be okay for many, many recipes but I definitely wouldn't take the chance of ruining any general meal recipes by switching out the oil with applesauce which would certainly change the flavor outcome!

Keep in mind that substituting applesauce in baking also changes the way a recipe behaves structurally.Here's a link with some information that should be helpful for you with switching the ingredients for baked goods:

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