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Game Ideas for Church Senior Group

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I need ideas for fun games for our senior adult group at church. Paper and pencil games, bingo ideas and maybe some easy, physical games. Thanks.

Sue from Virginia



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By ajohng [1]11/09/2009

You may want to try some of these. They are all free and printable and will be new to your guests. They are also a lot of fun. Just search for bowtie Christmas games and you should find them. Or try this link.

By Tammy [9]03/11/2009

I taught Sunday school for 4 years. I had a class of pretty much all boys ages 9-12 years. I came up with a "bible Jeopardy" game. Lucky for us, I had the biggest classroom & it had a chalkboard on the wall. I made several categories and we would split up in two teams. We went over the same categories each week until each child could answer every question correctly. The kids loved this game & would behave very well during the lesson or we didn't get to play.
I would think seniors would enjoy this as well.
Good luck!

By Shari from Greer (Guest Post)02/21/2009

Best Ever, was always a big at the Senior Home that we did birthday parties for for 9 years. All that you need is a paper bag and some paper cut into 3 by 3 inch squares, On each sheet you write a best ever such as : best movie ever, best Christmas ever, best book ever, best day ever, and so on. Now , put them all into the paper bag, shake them up and let each person pick one, and tell their best ever answer. It is easy, fun, cheap, and gives the folks an opportunity to get to know one another better. It's use does not have to be confined to Seniors, it can be a great icebreaker for almost any age group. Have fun!! Shari

By Taziztweet02/19/2009

A favorite at the nursing facility where I work is Pokeno. You play it like bingo except you match cards instead of numbers. It adds all sorts of possibilities since then you can add things like a full house, straights, etc. to the usual corners and diagonals to win. All you need is to photocopy an array of playing cards laid out five across and six down. Then use a deck of cards as the callers (numbers so to speak).

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]02/19/2009

I suppose the Hokey-Pokey would be a little corny... but then it might be more nostalgic. It's a thought, anyway.

By Dena Roberts [31]02/19/2009

At your seniors group meeting, get each person to name a game or activity they would like to do, and go from there. You will probably get enough ideas for many more meetings!

By Cheryl [1]02/18/2009

Balloon toss is fun. Fill balloons with air, then let everyone hit them while they are in the air. It's low impact exercise.

By (Guest Post)02/18/2009

Name that tune
Horse shoes
Maybe have a talent show

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