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Christmas Help in Michigan

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Can anyone tell me where I can get help for Christmas this year? I lost my job and my husband is on disability. Thank you.

By Cathy from Clarkston, MI


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By Pamela10/26/2011

Call your local Social Services Dept. they usually have lists of those who help. You can also call your local Churches. Hope this helps.

By jeffcoles201210/25/2011

Can be more specific about the help you ask? If financially try to look a part time job on craiglist or other online job finder.

By Joan B. [2]10/23/2011

You could also speak to your pastor about this matter. The church might be able to take up a special offering to help you.

By Joan B. [2]10/23/2011

The question is how many people do you need help for? Call 211, it is a nationwide program called helpline. It is a clearing house where lists of organizations that help people is kept. You could also call the Salvation Army. When it comes to gifts most organizations have a cut off age of 12 years. No matter what organization you apply with there will be an application to fill out and you will have to provide gross income.

Are you looking for another job? Any job is better than none. If there are kids in the family explain to them that you can't get them as much this year. You can always shop dollar stores and thrift stores. Also if they have a favorite toy, you could take the toy and hide it, in order to refurbish it. Example make some new clothes for a doll, you could probably get pieces of left over fabric for that, from people you know that sew.

I start my Christmas shopping in January and I have been done for at least a month. That is the only way I would be able to do it. I spend $20.00 on each of my daughters and my four grand kids, that range in age from 15-25 years, and I also exchange gifts with an aunt and a cousin that are real close to me. If I find a $20.00 item on sale for $10-15.00, it still counts as $20.00.

I know a lot of people on disability that do work part time. If you are so low income you need Christmas help, you must be on food stamps and have a case worker. They might have ideas of how to help.

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