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Ice Maker Not Working


I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator. After 2 months, when I push the ice dispenser tab the motor to push ice is on, but not pushing ice out.

Sometimes I hear noise in back of the ice bin, but no motion for ice propeller to push ice out. Could it be that the motor is bad? I had checked the between the prop and the motor, seems fine. Any suggestions before repair guy called for $60 to come out?

By Greg from Bemus


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Archive: Ice Machine Not Working

My refrigerator ice machine has not made ice since our water was shut off to fix a broken sprinkler head out in our yard. It seems to go through the motions of making ice but we do not get any cubes! Could it be air in the line and if so, does anyone know how I can get the water through without flooding my house?

Mara in Texas


RE: Ice Machine Not Working

From what I've read it might be water frozen in the line. If it sounds like it is trying to make ice but none comes out, it's very possibly a little ice in the line. You could try turning off the refrigerator for a few hours and see if it clears. I don't know if the tubes are visible but you could take a hair dryer to just the tubes to speed up the process. If there is ice frozen into the tube, that would help to clear it. Another thing it could be is a clogged water filter. If the ice making just slowed down over time (which I realize is not the case with yours Mara), it could be that. (08/27/2004)

By Susan

RE: Ice Machine Not Working

Here's a tip I found... I am not sure the response makes sense to me but maybe it will to you.

Whirlpool Fridge Icemaker Not Working

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator/freezer with icemaker and water dispenser. The icemaker stopped working, but ice dispenser and the water dispenser in the door still work fine. I was told that most likely the problem was the electric valve controlling the water flow to the icemaker. I have a dual coil valve. I checked the resistance across both coils. It reads 300 ohms for both. I understand that this is the normal range, and indicates that the valve may not be the problem. What else could the problem be and how can I troubleshoot it.


If you suspect a valve , you could manually fill the icemaker mold with water to see if it harvests ice, if there is no water coming into the icemaker the plunger in the water inlet valve may be stuck and electrically the valve is OK. You might be able to rebuild the valve. If after the water freezes in the icemaker and it doesn't harvest make sure the shutoff arm is operating the switch inside the icemaker by lifting the arm up and down and listening for a click. If that doesn't help you can have any number of problems in the icemaker. (08/27/2004)

By Anne H.

RE: Ice Machine Not Working

Here's some info from frigidaire, not sure what you guys are using.

Not making any ice.

Freezer may not be cold enough. Temperature must be 5 F. or colder to work properly.

Water supply valve may be blocked or restricted. Supply valve must have a 1/4" opening for water to fully supply ice maker. Many self-piercing valves do not have this big of an opening. Replace water supply valve with one that has a 1/4" opening.

Water supply valve may not be open. Find the supply valve and open.

Wire signal arm on ice maker is in the up position. This position shuts off the ice maker. Pull wire arm (bail arm) down to start ice making.

By Anne H.

RE: Ice Machine Not Working

Last but not least, do you have the manual for the fridge? I bet they have some troubleshooting. If you don't still have it find the website for the manufacturer and they should have downloads of manuals and maybe even some FAQ like frigidaire had. (08/27/2004)

By Anne H.

RE: Ice Machine Not Working

I had this problem with my freezer a while back. A friend told me to use your hair dryer on the connection; this dissolves any blockage in the line. Try it & good luck. It worked wonders for me & no charge for a repair man to come to the house. (08/30/2004)

By Rosalie Shoeman

Archive: Ice Maker Not Working

Our Frigidaire icemaker quit working and we can't afford another one. Any suggestions? We had installed a new filter about 10 days earlier.

Elizabeth from Hart, Michigan


RE: Ice Maker Not Working

I turned my water off to replace a faucet and fix a water line and my ice maker in my Whirlpool side by side quit working too. I got the blow dryer out, took about five min. and my ice maker is working again! Thanks for the help! (03/02/2007)

By Lynn

RE: Ice Maker Not Working

I have a Whirlpool Gold side-by-side and its ice maker stopped working. I tried lowering the temperature and I checked the little black spigot thing for ice, but neither helped. I couldn't figure it out until I removed the ice maker. When I did, I found that it was a broken tab that held on the ejector gear (see for diagrams).

To fix it I tried super glue, but that didn't work. Turns out super glue loses all strength in the freezer. Next I tried some glue I had left over from putting sprinkler pipes together. That held, but just barely, so finally I used a little ball of glue putty like a cap on the end of the tabs. That worked and I now have ice again.

I recommend taking out the ice maker to really see what the problem is. To remove mine I unplugged the frig, carefully removed the little door over the ice maker, unscrewed the 4 hex screws on the bottom of the ice maker, pushed in the little tab on the bottom left of the maker, slid the maker out, and unplugged it. (09/01/2008)

By Jeff

RE: Ice Maker Not Working

Yea! I went here and fixed mine. But I would like to save someone else the trouble I went through. I removed all of the components only to find out if I gently turned the fitting that the water line connects to in the back counter clock-wise it pulls out. And that where the frozen clog was! I am sure all models are not the same so do not try to force your fitting. I have a 2002-2004 Fridgidare side by side with water and ice in the door. The water supply line in the back is green and goes towards the top on the back side. Good Luck. (12/17/2008)

By Corey from FL

RE: Ice Maker Not Working

Check modual gear before calling in expert. (03/27/2009)

By miwok10

Archive: Ice Maker Not Working

I have a Kenmore refrigerator. The ice maker has stopped making ice. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the problem?

Archive: Ice Maker Not Working

I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator, model 106.55243400. The ice maker has quit working. Any suggestions before I call a repair man?

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