Are There White Fleas?


Can fleas ride on your clothes and is there such a thing as a white dust flea? (a little flea that feels burning, but it flows away like dust. It is white and we don't see it, but we feel it biting us.)

By Patty from Los Angeles, CA


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By LARRY FLUITT 38 10/31/2010

Sorry, no such things as white fleas.

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By Nathalie 58 11/02/2010

Those are likely dust mites if they're very tiny, almost like specs of dust themselves. They actually don't take blood as they live on debris in the house (the keratin in our shed skin cells, etc). If it looks like moving dust, that's what you have. Sometimes it will feel like biting because they're so tiny and their legs are quite pointed, it's actually an extreme itch.

You can check by looking at dark surfaces to see if the white "dust" specs move. If the creatures are larger, or elongated, it might be something else. such as lice. They're a little shorter than a flea, usually white, but they can darken as they fill with blood. You can use sprays for dust mites, you'll want to spray the bed. There might also be some more natural ways of ridding your home of them.

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By Birdie G. 1 12/06/2014

There are in fact white fleas. They are called sand fleas.

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