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Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor


I have a 4 year old dog that is constantly wetting on the floor in my bedroom. I can't stand the smell. I have used the Bissell cleaner solution for pets, but still have the same odor. Could someone please tell me the best, least expensive solution to my problem?

By TammySue from Bladenboro, NC


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By PENNY K 14 562 01/03/2011

Straight, undiluted white vinegar. Soap and water first, wash two times, rinse two times. Put on full strength
vinegar and let dry. Smell of vinegar will go away.

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By audi 2 29 01/03/2011

We always cleaned what we could up and then rubes shaving cream into the spot where the dog peed this worked for us when the old family dog of 12 years had a stroke and Had accidents because she insisted she could go pee by herself.

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By Theresa 3 13 01/03/2011

Pet Supply Plus carries a product called Nature's Miracle. It worked for cat urine, which is way worse than dog urine. It has a pleasant odor and eliminated any kind of urine smell. Good luck! Love animals but sometimes they can be PITA's (Pain in the A$$) when they urinate places they aren't supposed to! :)

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By Theresa 3 13 01/03/2011

I also agree with white vinegar if you don't want to spend $$. Pikka's suggestion will work well also. Though, after you clean the floor up with soap and water let it dry before applying the vinegar. It is very important for the floor not to soak in liquids as it will not fully get rid of the smell!

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By Cindy 3 287 01/03/2011

Please see my archived post, below. (from KansasCindy, in a response to a request from Jen. York PA - "Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor" on 11/18/2010) Seriously, it's the cheapest and best solution I've found over the years. I'm a huge fan of the all purpose uses of vinegar, but this "wintergreen rubbing alcohol" hint for dog and cat urine on fabric surfaces tops my list. Good luck!

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By Connie Eiceman 5 27 01/04/2011

I don't have a remedy for the smell but a 4 yr. old dog should not be wetting like that. Our terrier had "leaky bladder syndrome" and the vet put her on Proin which is a hormone and it took care of it for about 7 yrs. and when it began again we added DES which has taken care of it completely - she is now 14 and no problem. Both are prescribed by the vet but had no side effects. I wish you good luck with the problem and the solution.

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By wandalyn 1 4 01/05/2011

I found out Kid n Pet sold at walmart for right under $5 works great for dog urine ofor and stain. Just squirt it on the spot and rub with damp cloth. I then use my little green carpet cleaner with the solution in the cleaner. Nice, clean and refreshing. Little dog can't find that spot to redo.

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Question: Removing Dog Urine Odor from Bedroom

My dog is now 8 or 9 months old and is a good dog. He goes potty outside, but he will go inside too and usually in the kid's room. What can I do to get rid of his scent that he smells in there, so he won't go in there anymore?

By Alyssa

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By Gloria Hayes 18 96 05/29/2011

Vinegar! Plain old white vinegar, undiluted! Pour some in a spray bottle and spray the legs of any furniture, let it run off into the floor.Soak the favorite spots, let it stand awhile,then blot it all up,and go over the whole floor with vinegar and a mop.The vinegar is mildly acidic, (5%,you could drink it if you wanted to), but won't harm him, your kids, the coloring of the upholstery,or the padding under the carpet, if there is any. The odor will disappear as it dries, and you can wash whatever may need washing with vinegar in the machine. I buy it in the gallon size for about a dollar and a quarter.

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Archive: Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor

What is the best cleaner to use to get the smell of dog urine out of my rug and to deter the dog from going there again?

By mamabearb2 from CT

RE: Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor

Unless there is a special cleaner on the market for this, I have always used a solution of vinegar, a little detergent, and cold water (mostly vinegar though). (07/31/2010)

By Stngray

RE: Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor

We've used a white vinegar and water solution to clean up puppy accidents. Use a 1 to 1 solution, 1 cup water to 1 cup white vinegar. Our teacher for puppy kindergarten told us to use this years ago when our 11 year old dogs were being house trained. We keep foster dogs too, for English Springer Rescue America and keep a spray bottle of this solution on hand. Sometimes even the house trained pets have accidents when getting acclimated to new surroundings. (08/02/2010)

By Deborah570

Archive: Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor

I need a good cleaner that will get rid of the dog urine smell from a sofa and my carpet.

By Jen from York, PA

RE: Best Cleaner for Dog Urine Odor

This is going to sound so simple crazy and cheap that it will leave you thinking it can't possibly be true, but it works! Just be sure to test it on a discrete area of the fabric, first.

Our oldest, huge breed dog was so excited to "go for a ride" that we couldn't get him to take care of business before getting into the vehicle. It was a short trip across town for a regular vet visit, but he uncharacteristically lost control and unloaded his bladder all over the carpet in the cargo area of our SUV. I actually felt sorry for my big four legged fur boy as he so knew he'd made a mistake.

Got to goggling and binging on the internet and found an idea that was very inexpensive and couldn't possibly hurt to try: wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol! (Why they make it in a wintergreen scent, I know not, but the disinfectant qualities of rubbing alcohol made me look twice.)

A day after sopping up as much of the urine as we could with rags and paper towels, we doused the entire area with an undiluted, 16 ounce bottle of the scented rubbing alcohol, opened all the windows to let it air out for an hour or so, and by the next morning the urine odor was gone. The Jeep did smell like wintergreen breath freshener mints for a few days, but that was perfectly acceptable, considering the alternative. ;-)

Again, be sure to test this on the fabric before covering the area. You can find wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol next to the regular rubbing alcohol in the pharmacy areas of big box discount stores. Smaller pharmacy's might stock it also. I just happened to find it at Walmart. Good Luck! (11/18/2010)

By KansasCindy

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