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Burnt Mac and Cheese In a Stainless Steel Pot

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I burned mac and cheese on my new frugal stainless steel pot and I can't for the love of god get this thing to come clean, please help. It's been soaking for 3 days and still nothing. I tried to scrub it, baking soda, boil soap, nothing works, HELP.

Kimberly from Akron, Ohio



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By Monica02/21/2009

Borax, your fav dishwashing soap, & hot water should bring it back to life. You may even soak it a bit with Borax & hot water. Every thing from mac & cheese to rice has been burnt in ours & Borax seems to be the magic to bring it back to being new, again.

By Paulette12/02/2007

Thank you to Syl (10/17/2006) and jean (10/17/2006). I tried the dishwasher powder on my very stuck and burned cheese fondue pot. It soaked overnight and I was able to scrape it clean with a wooden spatula. It's good as new. I will remember that for other burned and stuck foods.

By LRP LOWELL, MASS. (Guest Post)10/18/2006

after having soaked it in Dawn and removed all that can be. i then use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. good luck.

By darcey fitrakis [3]10/18/2006

we use a stuff called BAM it gets out anything you could ever need to remove in pans

By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)10/18/2006

Do you ever bake snickerdoodles? If so, then you have a spice tin of cream of tartar in your cupboard. Dissolve several spoonfuls of cream of tartar in an inch or so of very hot water in the burnt pot and let it stand overnight. Don't ask me how, but it will loosen the burnt gunk and you will be able to scrub it clean.

By Syl (Guest Post)10/17/2006

Whenever I have a pot or anything with something burnt on it I fill with hot water and pour in a little powder I use for my dishwasher. Let sit overnite & voila it is easy to remove. Good luck.

By Kim [8]10/17/2006

Add about 1/4" of water with some baking soda. Once it boils, turn off the burner and let sit. The baking soda will turn into a paste and when cooled, use something to scrub it off. Comes off easily. If it doesn't all come off, add some more water, boil, cool, scrub off. I like to buy nylon netting and make into a ball and use for scrubbing and cleaning dishes. You can also buy small plastic scrapers(Pampered Chef, etc) to scrape off the gunk.
Once I burnt rice and I left extra rice in the pan. Once it was cool, I scraped off the bottom and realized the rice also worked to clean the burnt on gunk.

By jean (Guest Post)10/17/2006

Fill the pot 1/2 full with hot water, add a 1/4 cup dishwasher powder detergent, and simmer on stove for about 1/2 hour. Let cool and then scrape with nylon/plastic spatula to remove worst of burnt food. Then scrub with a scrubby. Do all this wthout emptying the liquid out of the pot. Most or all of the burnt food will come off.

By Pattie Hartley [2]10/17/2006

Dawn makes a spray on product I think it is called Power Disolver. It comes in a blue spray bottle and is sold by the normal dish soaps. I would spray it with this and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It might take a couple of times if it is really bad but I love this stuff.

By dawn (Guest Post)10/17/2006

this may sound like a strange thing to do but put a bounce dryer sheet in the water and let it soak. it sometimes works on pans.

By Mary [12]10/16/2006

WalMart sells a stainless steel scrubber. Looks almost like its made of steel fibers itself. Anyway, I love my stainless cookware but on occasion I also have burned things on too. This scrubber is fantastic.

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