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Remembering Appointments

A man looking at his smartphone calendar.

Whether it's for work, a doctor's visit, or just meeting a friend, we all have appointments we need to remember. Remembering when the appointment is will save you the embarrassment of not making it on time or worse, not showing up at all. This is a guide about remembering appointments.


Solutions: Remembering Appointments

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Tip: Dry Erase Board for Appointments

We were always forgetting appointments, so we got a dry erase board and put it up right where we all could see it. We haven't missed an appointment since. It's also good for quick notes to each other.

By lazetta

Tip: Keeping Track of Appointments

While I have a big calendar book and a smaller one in my purse, I need a more constant reminder of my medical appointments. What I do now is write them with day, date, time, doctor's name and phone number on a sheet of paper and tape it to side of computer near the front edge. I rewrite the list as necessary. They could also be written on a dry erase board attached to front or side of refrigerator.

By knitter926 from Bloomington, IL

Tip: Dry Erase Board on the Refrigerator

Put a dry erase board on the refrigerator door for important dates so you will see it every time you open the refrigerator. This works well for the two of us, however, if you have many more family members, perhaps a dry erase calendar will work for you. I still list all appointments on my calendar in my office where I pay bills, etc. This is kind of like a safety net!

By Syd

Tip: Write Appointments on Dry Erase Board

Use a small dry erase board on the 'fridge. You can't help but see it since you are in the 'fridge all the time!

By Syd

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Archive: Memory Tips - Remembering Appointments

My memory and I have trouble keeping up with each other, especially regarding appointments, and other important dates.

My Solution: Since I have a yahoo email which I check everyday, I use the calendar feature to remind me of appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, library due dates, etc. I set it to send me a reminder twice: 1 hr before and either 1 day or 1 week before the event. I also enter it in my cell phone calendar and it also beeps me a reminder. I have yet to miss an important event since I started doing this one year ago.

By BK from Milpitas, CA

RE: Memory Tips - Remembering Appointments

I like to send myself e-cards: I can have them arrive any day I wish, and I enjoy seeing again a card I liked enough to send back to myself. When I use Care2 ecards, I also get to do my little bit for the environment! (01/05/2009)

By lieast

Archive: Keeping Track of Appointments

Tips for keeping track of appointments and things you need to do. Post your ideas.

Keeping Track of Appointments

I keep an extra sheet of paper in the front of my purse calendar to note down future appointments, even when they are with myself. I write down when the next batch of cleaning will be ready to pick up at the dry cleaners or anything else that requires me to remember something for the days in the future. Life is too hectic to try to remember it all without some notes!(06/24/2005)

By ronsan

RE: Keeping Track of Appointments

I have 3 kids under 7 and with my husband and myself that makes for a lot of appointments.I bought a cheap white board calender and dry erase markers. I then got some of those magnets that you just peel the backing off of and stuck them to the back of the calender. The days are already marked so all I have to write are the names and appt. times. I put it on the freezer door and that way I have to look at it every time I open the door to the fridge.(Which is often) (06/25/2005)

By s8fhaven

RE: Keeping Track of Appointments

I keep a calendar and write in our appointments, classes and such in the squares. I try to remember to look at that at least once a day. I also take the appointment cards and keep in a little clip sort of thing on the counter and check that from time to time. Another thing I do is send emails to myself! That helps me a lot since I am at the computer daily. I can read a reminder email that I sent to myself! (01/27/2006)