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Plastic Cups Stuck Together

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I have a plastic cup stuck inside another plastic cup, and I have tried putting cold water as well as hot water in them, but cannot get them apart. I would appreciate and tps anyone has.



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By elladog12/24/2014

Tried the cold water and hot water and it did not do so I ran hot water into the bottom glass and took a pointed knife, and gentley pried between the two for about a 1/4 inch and it worked great.

By Gail F.01/14/2014

Finally, a solution! I have had a set of 4 plastic condiment cups stuck together for months. I was going to toss them in the trash. The ice in the first and the quick soak in hot water separated them immediately!

By Vjohnson02/18/2013

Gonna try this right now, so happy I decided to google this. Only wish I'd check the web sooner.

By BlueLou10/28/2011

Worked like a charm! My wife bought two nice plastic cups for a great price, because they were stuck together. Took the advice from this thread, put ice and cold water in the cup, placed it in hot water, took it out, twisted it a bit and voila! Thank you so much.

By BlueLou10/28/2011

Worked like a charm! My wife bought two nice cups for a great price, because they were stuck together. Took the advice from here, put ice and cold water in the cup, placed it in hot water and voila! Thank you so much.

By Nette10/27/2009

Gotta love the Internet:) Filled the top cup with ice water, dipped the bottom cup in boiling H20 that was on my stove top and wallah took all of ten seconds. Thank you for the knowledge of others, you make my life simpler.

By lunardeimos (Guest Post)01/06/2009

I did this with a plastic margarita shaker top. Used plastic wrap to prevent ice cube water from leaking from the lid into the top cup and ran hot water around top cup. Still had to use a flat head screwdriver to pry apart, but at least it worked! Thank you, science.

By Angela (Guest Post)09/03/2008

OMG! It worked! I am doing a happy dance right now because I have been trying and trying to separate these two cups all day. I think I even pulled a muscle trying to pry them apart! So happy!

By (Guest Post)05/16/2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say it enough times! It worked! Very easily! (The ice in the top cup and then fill up the sink and put the bottom of the outside cup in the hot water and voila!)

By Dawn James (Guest Post)01/11/2008

There is a simple solution fill the inside cup full of ice then wait a few minutes turn on the hot tap water and let the hot water run around the outside glass. Immediately and very easily the cups will come apart. Just a little science used there!

By Fred (Guest Post)12/02/2007

Put the in the freezer overnight, then put them in your dryer with a blanket for s few min.

By geovanna (Guest Post)06/08/2007

Hello I'm a nanny and my boss stacked about 5 plastic cups inside each other and now they won't come off. We have tried hot water cold water, soap and nothing works... Any Ideas? Thanks Geovanna V.

By Dee [3]04/29/2005

try getting a better grip with rubber/latex gloves with dry cups ....twist. Or hot water on outside in the inside cup. good luck!

By Suzanne04/28/2005

You might also try filling up a sink with water and putting the stuck cups under the water level for a minute. Sometimes if the water gets between the two, it separates. Even try the trick with the ice cubes before the water bath.
Another thing that might work is putting your thumb on one of the cups and your middle finger on the other. Push in alternate directions (even try that under water)

By Holly [349]04/28/2005

I heard of a similar problem, but with a commode and a cup.
It was solved by placing ice cubes in the cup and when the cup shrank from the cold, it was removed from it's wedged location. I ought to add that at this point in time, it was in the backyard.

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