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My Canna Lily Did Not Bloom This Year!

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canna lily in pot


I moved it from back yard sun (plastic container) to sun in a nice blue ceramic pot. This is a short plant (yellow bloom). No drainage hole though, but placed river rock in bottom before planting. Should have bloomed, it did for last 2 years. The leaves are nice and green. Picture is included. Can someone tell me anything? Thanks in advance.

Hardiness Zone: 8b

Sherry Hampton from Valdosta, GA

They will bloom in shade, but not as well.



Your cannas look great! My first guess is also that they are not getting enough sun. Without enough, you'll get lots and lots of tall foliage, but no flowers. Also, cannas are not big nitrogen users, so use a tomato or rose fertilizer that is higher in phosphorus. Cannas don't do well when they stand in water so my advice would be to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of your pot (it's gorgeous, by the way). There's no need to be intimidated by this, just select a drill bit designed to drill through ceramic, strap on some safety goggles and have at it. River rocks will keep your canna's roots from standing in the water, but it won't provide drainage. You'll want to be able to periodically flush the salts that naturally build up (from water and fertilizer) out of the soil. Your pot will also be lighter when wet and easier to transport. If you decide to forgo drainage holes in favor of keeping the river rock, make sure you water slowly and frequently. You will want to keep the top few inches of soil moist, but not have water running through and sitting in the bottom of your pot.



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By Beverly (Guest Post)08/30/2008

I have several kinds of cannas throughout the yard. Have for 20 years. This is the first year the majority did not bloom. One breed has tried to and the bloom is very small. Something is wrong. They have had plenty of water this year.

Dallas, Texas

By Sherry (hamp2468) (Guest Post)08/03/2006

Hi Ellen, your right on the mark.
Where it is sitting it's not getting enough sun, just a little a.m. sun. My husband will drill drainage holes in it this weekend. They are the short yellow blooms- they brighten my day. Thanks for the great advice.

By Sherry Hampton [31]06/29/2006

Thank you both for you info.. If it is Shock maybe it will bloom next year. I'm thinking too that it's not getting as much sun as it did in the back yard (south side)
I've always transplanted it, but never had trouble before.

By (Guest Post)06/28/2006

Call any reputable flower nursery and they may be able to help you. Did you transplant it at the recommended time etc. Google transplanting canna lilies and see what you get.

By Linda (Guest Post)06/28/2006

Transplant shock?

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