Inexpensive 'Thank You' Church Dinner


Any ideas for the nicest church dinner I can provide on the cheap? I have a $900 budget to feed 125 people. It's an annual 'thank you' to volunteers.

Pete from Brockton, MA



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By mcw 80 1,754 01/30/2008

Meatless lasagne, cheese manicotti or spaghetti with Italian bread + a large salad would feed 125 people. I believe you would have enough money left over to purchase all of your paper supplies for the dinner. If you stick with a meatless dinner, there is a big savings.

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By Shirley 14 85 01/30/2008

Have you priced food at Cost Co or Sam's Club.
Paper plates, dinner ware and cups would certainly be cheaper. All their food products come in large quantitys, from frozen meals to canned and boxed goods. Salads and fresh fruits and vegi's are also sold in large quantitys.

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By Bobbi-Jo Gould 1 01/30/2008

I completely agree with MCW. A spaghetti dinner is a great way to go. We use it often for Scouting events that require food or sit down events.

You should have money left over after the supplies and food if you budget it right. You may even be able get a local supermarket to donate some of the food or supplies to your event.

Hope this helps!

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By joan pecsek 88 545 01/30/2008

I went to the Golden Corral today and they had signs on the counter advertising discount catering. Maybe your local Golden Corral or some other restaurant could give you a good deal.

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By monica 3 13 01/30/2008

Potato salad for 100 people- from My CWA (country womens Association Aust cookbook)

3 and a 1/2 kg (1 stone) potatoes, 500gr (1 lb.) white onions, 1 tin peas, 1 litre of salad dressing, chopped parsley or mint.

Good luck!

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By MaryAlice Rader 4 14 01/31/2008

How about a Hamo or turkey sandwiches on croissants. Potato, macaroni or pasta salad and some baked beans in a roaster pans. You can make some nice sheet cakes and decorate them or order them from a WalMart bakery. $900 can go along way for 125 people that about $7.20 a person. Check with a local restaurant or hotel to see if there menu is less than 7.20 per person. ANother idea is buy fried chicken from WalMart deli (already cooked) then all you have to do is supply the sides dishes and the dessert! Good luck!

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By (Guest Post) 01/31/2008

Bless you heart! You have a great budget to feed 125 people. My husband and I cook every Wednesday night at church for 50-70 people, and our budget is anywhere from $100.00 to $130.00. Just go on-line and Google in meals for large groups and you can get lots of ideas.

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By debbie columbia sc (Guest Post) 02/03/2008

If you shred the lettuce with a knife (even though we were always taught not to) like cole slaw: the lettuce goes farther and you can buy grape tomatoes and cut them in hal, grate carrots and put dressing on side.

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By U*u*U (Guest Post) 02/07/2008

$900.00 is NOT "on the cheap". Call several established restaurants, tell them your budget is $700.00 and compare what they offer. Use $100 divided for a gracious tip for the (probably) 3 - 4 servers and any additional after-tax money for decorations or take-home center pieces

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