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Removing Ink From a Document


How do I remove a typo on a document? I need to know how to remove ink from a document without damaging the document.

By Terry from Huntington Beach, CA


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By 0ddjob 2 11 05/14/2010

Hi! If the ink is ball-point, try immersing the document in brake fluid. It could take up to an hour, and some inks are resistant to this method. Take care that the print ink on the document in not fugitive, otherwise it will be damaged. Rinse well in cold water, then leave to dry. Best experiment with a spare sample, first.

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By Judy 14 35 05/14/2010

Can you iron it? One time I had something to return to the store and since I was already ironing and since my reciept had been wrinkled in my billfold for two weeks I decided to iron the paper reciept. The heat from the iron took all the ink off the reciept. This didn't help me but maybe you.

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Archive: Removing Ink From a Document

I goofed when writing on a document. I would like to remove the dry ink and start over again. I don't just want to block it with white out. How do I remove the ink without ruining the document and the paper?

Alen James from Spain


RE: Removing Ink From a Document

When I worked at a bank we had some investigators from the D.A.'s fraud division that came to speak to us about checks that had been "washed". We were told to always use gel ink to write checks since gel ink did not "wash". Then they demonstrated how some crooks washed checks and then re-wrote them with new info. You could probably use the same method. I would try it on an inconspicuous part of the document in case the paper is delicate. You don't want to ruin it. Anyway, this is what you do.

Put some nail polish remover in a small bowl or saucer and then swab the dry ink with a Q-Tip. Repeat until all the ink is gone. I know that on a check you can't tell once it's dry. Good Luck! (03/01/2006)

By Margret

RE: Removing Ink From a Document

I remember way back in the "old days" when we used fountain pens, there was a product called ink eradicator. It smelled like chlorine bleach. I don't know what kind of ink you used. It might be worth a try to use just a tiny dab of bleach (maybe with a Q-tip) and see if that works. Of course, I'd try it on something else first to see if it works. Good luck. (03/02/2006)

By karenIM

RE: Removing Ink From a Document

I read up on several sites about how to do this. I have taken those clues and made my own method that has YET to fail.

Get two small containers.
Pour a small amount of Clorox (bleach) in one.
Pour a small amount of Acetone in the other.
Get a few Q-tips.

Dip one q-tip in the bleach and VERY LIGHTLY dab it on the ink you want removed. Before it dries, grab the other Q-tip and dip it into the Acetone. Dab the acetone on the bleached area and the ink should immediately start to disappear. Be very careful with the underlying paper. Just dab lightly with the acetone, however.

If you need to do fine ink removal, cut the fuzzy portion of the q-tip off and dip the 'stick' end into the liquids. It will have the same effect without disturbing ink very close to it.

Believe me - this does work, and I have yet to find an ink that doesn't just fade immediately. Just be careful not to RUB. If ink seems resistant, keep dabbing not to hurt the paper. It will fade. (11/06/2008)

By Arnold A.

RE: Removing Ink From a Document

I tried the Clorox Bleach (from Giant) and Acetone (I got Professional Nail Polish Remover from CVS) method. And it works great! I got the ink out easily. The Acetone disperses and dissolves the ink, and the Clorox whitens the area. It works like magic! Thanks Arnold A! :-D (01/14/2009)

By Ben

Archive: Removing Ink From a Document

How do I remove the ink in an important document, that I put the wrong stamp on?

By Cesar from Chicago


RE: Removing Ink From a Document

I'm not an expert but I would be afraid that doing something like that could invalidate the document. (02/21/2010)

By Glenn'sMom

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