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Making Things For Pigmy Goats to Play On


I'm looking to things to make for our 4 pigmy goats to play on. Any ideas? Pictures are a great help to me, but not necessary.


Kim from , WI



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By Cattails (Guest Post) 10/29/2007 Flag

Pygmy goats love to climb on things. You can bury a tire upright several inches in the ground. The little ones will run through the hole in the middle & the others will play king of the mountain on the tire. It's a riot watching them butt each other off.
We made a teeter-totter using a 2x8 board about 6 feet long & put a 3" wood brace on the underside in the middle. It didn't take long before they got the idea of walking across it & making the end that was in the air crash to the ground. The high end is only a few inches off the ground so they don't get hurt.
They also like to lay in the sun on pallets. If the pallet doesn't have a solid top, nail a piece of plywood over it so little ones don't get their legs caught in the spaces between the boards. You could also put short legs on the pallets to raise it up a little as they love to lay on things that are off the ground.
Hope some of these ideas help. My pygmies love all these things.

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By Michele (Guest Post) 10/31/2007 Flag

My sister in law has some pigmys and she put an old tree trunk in the pen with them. You could cut the ends off a plastic barrel so they can climb on and through. I love the ideas of the last post.

Good luck with your pigmys!

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 10/31/2007 Flag

Hi you lucky pygmy owner! One thing that's very popular is empty wire spools from the phone and electric companies. They are wooden, large is 4' high laying on its side, and they are often seen linked together with a plank for the goat to walk in midair from spool to spool. The safety issue with them is a big one: if you don't use a scrap of plywood or similar to cover the holes, even small ones, in them, they become effective legbreakers. So use them, enjoy watching how the goats love to jump all over them and lie at the base of them (not adequate shelter of course) but please do close up the holes. Have fun, and God Bless!

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By Kim 8 80 11/01/2007 Flag

Thanks everyone! Great ideas! We are actually planning to pick up some large spools on saturday. The goats(from freecycle) are living with horses(outdoors 24/7) and it's quite fun to watch them all.

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