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Getting Grease Out of Clothing


I have just plain cotton t-shirts that have splattered grease spots on them for cooking and they have been washed several times and dried. Now I have a big pile of fairly new t-shirts that all look like they have wet spots on them. Any suggestions on how to get those out?

Shelley from UT


By Christine Anderson 5 122 10/11/2006

Dear Shelley

I use Sards Wonder Soap (the bar of soap) on all my stains, especially grease. If the stains have been washed over a few times you may have to use it a few times, but it always works for me. The other thing you could do on bad stains is to applique over the top, this way you might get some wear out of some of the shirts. Hope this helps.

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By Sheryl (Guest Post) 10/11/2006

Dawn dishwashing detergent works great on my son's shirts from McDonald's and believe me he can sure get plenty of grease on his clothes.
Pour it on full strength, scrub it in with a fingernail brush or toothbrush then wash as usual in your regular laundry detergent. I add store brand colored clothes bleach.

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By Jackolyn Smith 17 134 10/15/2006

I work in fast food and get fryer grease on my shirts all the time. I've asked for help here before, but the hints didn't help, including Dawn. I found a degreaser called "Purple Power" that took out stains that have been washed and dried many times. You can find it in Wal-Mart in the Automotive section.

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By Kristen (Guest Post) 11/02/2006

I get fryer/grill grease on my clothing constantly at work. A co-worker told me about a product called Lestoil. I believe it is produced by Clorox and can be found at any hardware store. Its a degreaser but can be used on clothing as well. I let it sit on the stain over night and then throw it in the washer in the morning. It has never let me down!

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By Amie (Guest Post) 07/26/2007

My husband is an Ironworker and his clothes come home pitch black with grease, and even coal dust all over. The best thing I have found is a hand cleaner called GoJo, it is actually inexpensive and does wonders. Just put it on the stain, and rub in with a nail brush let sit overnight and then wash as normal.

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By Amber (Guest Post) 02/03/2008

Throw a can of coke into your washer with a load and your regular detergent. It helps to get the grease out of clothes and to clean the grease from inside the washer.

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By rosie (Guest Post) 04/14/2008

I have been told to put them in the washer with a can of coca cola.

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By Rosalie (Guest Post) 08/07/2008

I found the best grease cutter on clothing is ivory soap. I just wet the bar and ran it on the grease and it was gone.

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By easy as 123 (Guest Post) 08/24/2008

Baking soda works immediately. Just scrub it in with a toothbrush.

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By (Guest Post) 08/25/2008

Help please. My son has gotten grease (melted butter) on my hubby brand new Manchester united shirt and its a stupid material can anyone help me out please. Thanks in advance, Kristy

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By Carole H. (Guest Post) 11/14/2008

Thanks the information was very useful, I'm going to buy some Lestoil right now!

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By richard e. (Guest Post) 11/14/2008

This doesn't work at all.

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By kyra (Guest Post) 02/27/2009

Help I put hairspray on my grease and thought that would work but it did not. It's food grease.

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Archive: Getting Grease Out of Clothing

One of the best degreasers for clothing I have found (and cheapest) is Dawn dishwashing liquid. Just put a little on before washing, rub and throw it in the washer.


Grease Stains in Washer

Someone washed grease laden clothes in my washer! How do I remove the grease from inside the washer? (11/03/2005)

By Korey

RE: Grease Stains in Washer

Hello Korey,

You don't say what type of grease was in the clothing. Was it cooking grease or automobile grease? Also, you don't say if it is a little left or a lot?

For cooking grease: Your best bet is to put some Dawn on a cloth and wipe down the washer, then do a wash load with no clothing or some old towels and very hot water. Because Dawn will suds a lot, so don't use too much, a squirt or two should be enough. The hot water should melt the grease.

For automobile grease: Take some mechanics hand cleaner (the type in the tub at the auto parts store) and wipe down the washer with that. Then follow with running the washer through a hot water load.

Hope this helps.
Susan from ThriftyFun (11/03/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Getting Grease Out of Clothing

Dawn works wonders, along with baby powder! I accidentally washed and dried chap-stick with my clothes and there was grease on everything. Nothing would work. Then I poured a little Dawn Oxy on the stains, coated them with baby powder, and let sit overnight. When I washed them the next day the stains had completely disappeared! Worked really well for grease stains from cooking, no matter how old. (05/10/2006)

By Evey