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Substituting Bouillon Cubes with Granules

If a recipe calls for chicken bouillon cubes and you only have granules, do you know how many cubes equals so many tablespoons of granules?

jho from Chassell


Recent Answers

By Katie [3]01/21/2009

My experience is that one cube = one teaspoon.

By Chayil (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Depending on the brand of granules (and the brand of cubes, for that matter), it's usually one teaspoon of granules to one cup of water. The directions are right on the jar's label, though, to be fair, they may be a bit small.

By Mary Koehler [8]01/20/2009

Usually you add 1 cube to make 1 cup of bullion. How many tsp of granules does it say on jar to make 1 cup of bullion? That would be the amount you use to substute for 1 cube.

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