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Liquid Sugar for Tea


I went to a restaurant recently that served unsweet tea with a syrup pitcher of "liquid sugar" on the table so that each guest could sweeten to taste. I have heard that the best recipe is equal parts sugar to water for the syrup, but don't know about storage of the syrup or how long it can be kept. Any help?

Dee Burgess from Brentwood, TN



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By Harlean from Arkansas 139 417 03/07/2007

I have never made the sweetner for tea this way, but I have made a solution of sugar syrup for the hummingbirds. I use 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water for that, and whatever is left in the fall, I just leave in the back of my fridge and use in the spring and it has never spoiled. So I would think that you could store the tea sweetner for quite some time without a problem.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Sheila Hendricks 2 66 03/08/2007

To make liquid sugar (or bar syrup as it is generally known), boil equal amounts of water and syrup together until all the sugar crystals have been absorbed. Let it cool and pour it into a clean glass bottle or jar. Cover tightly and you can keep it at room temperature for an unlimited time. If you notice crystalization, just re-boil it, adding more water and sugar as needed. I keep this on hand at all times because I love sweetened ice tea and plain sugar just sits at the bottom of the glass.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 03/08/2007

Is is also called Simple Syrup. Boil equal parts sugar and water until it's golden in color, cool, and keep refrigerated for up to a month.

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By sandy 77 431 03/08/2007

i make the simple syrup. it does go bad in about a month even in the fridge. but it makes good tea.

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By david martin. (Guest Post) 07/17/2008

I spoke to a commercial food chemist about this and he says that a sugar solution of at least 34% is completely sterile so all you have to do is put it in a sterile container and you should be all set,50/50 by volume should be fine

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