Senior Discount at McDonald's


Does McDonald's offer a discount for seniors?

By johnlarn44 from Medway, MA


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By Sandra 13 36 07/13/2009

You can call your local McDonald's and ask them.

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By Little Suzy 105 379 07/13/2009

I know a lot of the fast food places have discounted drinks or free ones for seniors but you have to ask. Wendy's give a seniors discount where I live for all the food. I have never heard of it at McDonald's only the drinks. Taco Bell does the drinks too.

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By carolyn 8 51 07/15/2009

My Mom gets a discount on coffee at McDonalds.

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 07/15/2009

Burger King gives us "senior" drinks for .25. Combine that with one of their buy-one-get-one-free coupons for a sandwich, and we get lunch for two for two or three dollars. I haven't seen many McD's coupons.

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By Leslie Textor 9 65 07/15/2009

It varies by location. The corporate owned locations in my area offer a 49 cent coffee or soft drink. Franchise costs range from 50 cents to 60 cents. No discount on food. I'm not sure of the age threshhold as this will vary by ownership also.

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By Rhea 1 1 07/16/2009

In my area (NY) only on coffee which varies by location. Ex.: I paid 64-cents yesterday in NYC
but have also pd 96 in another area of NYC.
on L.I. it is cheaper

Wendy's gives 10% on one's total order.

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By Joyce Boncal 1 1 12/08/2010

McDonalds, Bishop's Corner, West Hartford, CT. only give a penny off for senior coffee. Normal price $1.06. Senior price $1.05. Shame on them!

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By Jpilot 1 01/25/2011

D'Angelo sub shops give full 10% off everything. Wendy's also.
I just avoid McDonald's, their attitude rubs me wrong.

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