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Marker Stain on Nylon Jacket

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I accidentally washed and dried my nylon Columbia jacket with a permanent marker in the pocket. How do I get the blotches off my jacket?

By LeAnne from DeForest, WI


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By lesley [2]02/13/2011

To remove Marker Ink.

You will need:
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Balls
Dishwasher Detergent

Soak a cotton ball with the remover.
Gently press it on the affected area, turning the ball & pressing it until the cotton ball is somewhat saturated with the marker ink. With a new cotton ball, repeat the processtwo more times, or until very little ink is left.

The apply a few drops of dishwash detergent (I find Dove works the best) to the area, rub in gently, & launder as you would normally do.

I believe you will find this will remove the marker ink. If it is a more stubborn ink mark, just repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Good Luck, Hedera :0)


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Archive: Marker Stain on Nylon Jacket

How do you remove a marker, possibly a permanent marker stain, on a Northface Triclimate jacket? It's made out of nylon, if that helps. Also, I wonder if regular rubbing alcohol can remove the stain without resulting in wear and tear on the fabric.

By Tamahawk123 from Charlotte

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