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Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepherd)

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Black and white puppy.

Bosswell is 2 months old. He is a boxer and Australian Shepherd. I got him from a friend. He likes to play with his toys. He is the coolest dog alive and my friend.

By Teri from Ketchikan, AK


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By James S.11/05/2013

4 month old Australian Shepherd/Boxer.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepherd)

By crwritt05/13/2012

This is our new puppy, Dotti, said to be a blue heeler/boxer mix. She is 15 pounds, 5 months old, so smart and eager to please. I've been looking for info and pictures of similar dogs. This thread has the closest match I have found.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Arizona10/18/2011

I am glad to see so many positive responses about the breed! I originally was looking for a Australian Shepherd, but when I came across this mix it was too perfect to pass up.

This is a picture of Arizona the day we got her at 8 weeks old. She has all the traits of the Aussie I was attracted to, but I love the boxer traits as well. She is extremly trainable & very playful & cuddly. She is great with our kids & other animals.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Adrienne M.09/02/2011

Here's another pic that shows Maggie better, couldn't figure out how to attach more than one.... We are in Sun Valley, ID BTW.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Adrienne M.09/02/2011

Like another poster said, I thought I was the only one. My "Maggie" came from an unplanned litter in a nearby farm town and despite my protestations, I was wrangled into taking her. She is Mini Aussie and Boxer, 35 lbs. and her nickname is "Tiny Pig".

She bears all the qualities I desire in a canine companion. Her train-ability is outstanding, and having always had Boxers and other Bully breeds, this is a serious plus and reflects well on me, since my career is as a canine behavior and nutrition counselor : ) The other dog in the pic is her best friend, 9 year old Am. Staff "Oscar" a.k.a. "Big Pig". I'm so glad I found this thread, and many thanks for sharing!

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Jessie03/02/2011

This is my Boxer/Australian Shepherd mix, Beau. He's approximately 5 1/2 weeks, but already very smart and very protective.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By AKH02/17/2011

This is my lovely Mira! =) She is 11 months old and a Boxer/Australian Shepherd mix! I've had a lot of different breeds in my life, but this mix is simply the best one ever! She loves both children and other dogs. She's also a very intelligent young girl .

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By holirwin10/24/2010

I love seeing these other Aussie/Boxer mixes. Mine is named Roscoe as well. ;) He is the greatest dog. He is very intelligent, loves to learn tricks, LOVES his frisbee, and is a great cuddler. Also very protective and athletic. Wouldn't trade him for the world! The other dog in the photo is Winchester, an Aussie-Lab mix

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By JUDIHARER10/17/2010

Rosco was my boxer/Aussie cross. He lived a wonderful 15 years and 8 months. I miss him so much. He was a wonderful dog with the biggest heart I have ever seen on an animal. He was a big guy weighing 95 lbs in his prime. He was a true guardian of all he loved. Rosco was a regular at the vet where I work. He would be summoned to help with orphaned kittens on numerous occasions. He never met an animal or kid he didn't love and they all loved him. He was brilliant. I actually had people come and knock on my door and ask to ''see that smart dog". He knew many tricks but most of all he somehow knew what we thought , felt and said. He never dug a hole or chewed up a single thing. He was the best ever and we all miss him dearly. If you ever have a chance to know and love one of these awesome dogs aussie/boxer crosses, I would do it. They are very sensitive so you don't ever need to raise your hand or voice to them. I wish you many happy and healthy years with your friend, as I did with Rosco P. Coltrain

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Kel08/30/2010

Rocky at 6 weeks. Again, this is a wonderful mix to have.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Christine08/21/2010

I was trying to research this mix breed. We just had a litter of 8. I was trying to figure out what to call them. I am glad to hear they have a good reputation. They are cute!

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Kel08/04/2010

This is my 1/2 boxer 1/2 Australian Shepherd, Rocky. 7 months old and 55 lbs. He is a very smart dog. Loves kids and other animals. I'd recommend this mix to anyone.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Bettina07/21/2010

Here is Vinny now, at 1 yr 8 months old!

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Bettina07/21/2010

We received Vinny from the local animal shelter when he was 10 weeks old. We were told he was an Aussie mix, possibly a shepherd. He is now 1 yr, 8 months old and we had a DNA test done which came back today. Vinny is 50% Australian Shepherd, 25% Australian cattle dog and 25% boxer.

He looks mostly like a cattle dog now that he is older. He has the famous "Bently" mark on his forehead like a cattle dog. He used to have folded down ears, but now one is up like a cattle dog, and one is down like a boxer..sort of! He has very soft short smooth fur all over his body except has wire-y fur on his belly, but its still soft.

He is insanely active! He will play all day long, by 11pm we have had enough. He will bark and whine if you ignore him. He will bring you toy after toy until you devote all your attention to him, then its never enough.

He loves water, loves swimming. Loves frisbee and balls. He will bark at virtually nothing so he is an excellent watch dog. He hears everything, even an animal walking outside at night. He knows when the paper is delivered in the wee hours of the morning. He will bark loudly to tell you. But he is a lover! Cuddles and kisses and jumping on your lap are his specialty! He still thinks he is the 13 inch, 15 pound puppy we brought home. Now he is 65 pounds of muscle and around 28 inches from floor to top of head.

He completed beginner, intermediate and advanced training classes, so he is actually "trained!" He is extremely intelligent.
You will love your dog, just remember they want tasks to do and want to be busy, all the time!
He was 3 months in the picture.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Amy06/29/2010

I also have a Boxer/Australian Shepard. She is a wonderful puppy, just 6 months old. The vet said she'll be around 40lbs full grown. Wondering what characteristics/issues I can look forward to as she gets older?

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Ariann02/20/2010

I was looking at images of other mixes like ours, and I was surprised to see how close the resemblance was. Kamarae is now 12 weeks old but in this photos she's about 8 weeks old. She is super sweet, loving, and full of tons of energy, and a great companion.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By mike [1]09/19/2009

This is Rosco. He is 10 weeks old. We got him 3 weeks ago. He is awesome, independent, fun, and laid back. Quite a barker though. Loves other dogs and being outside as much as possible.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Tammy [9]06/27/2009

He is an absolutely beautiful doggie :) I love boxers!!
This is my baby, Rocky.

By Jenni03/19/2009

Wow, I thought I was the only one with a boxer/Australian Shepard mix. Beau, is 9 years old this year. He is a great dog!! A handful when he was a pup. He is still full of energy when he wants to be. I have some tips for you, from years with beau. One, they love to run!!! As a pup, he chewed everything, he even ate a couch once, so watch out. They are very loyal, and loving. I have two children, he is great with them. He is the best dog I have ever had. I wish you all the best with bosswell. Here is a picture of Beau, this was taken a few weeks ago. Like I said he is 9 years old now, but still acts like a pup at times.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By roger_cox01/19/2009

What a cute dog. We just adopted a dog in Chapel Hill NC and he looks the same. We now think boxer australian shepard is his heritage.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Valerie (Guest Post)01/11/2009

I don't think mine stays still so this is the best i have of my Aussie/boxer mix.

How big are they supposed to get? I still feel that he's pretty small, but he was one of the smallest in the litter.

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Ken (Guest Post)11/24/2008

Here's "Maggie" our Boxer/Austrailian mix. Greatest dog ever! Loves to cuddle, sleep on her back, intelligent and has the absoulute softest fur ever! We had been wrestling in the kitchen floor...obviously, she was the victor!

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By Megan (Guest Post)11/05/2008

I would love to see an updated photo of bosswell. I also have a boxer/Australian Shepherd, his name is jacoby. He has the face of a boxer and at 4 months, he weighs 42.5 pounds!

RE: Bosswell (Boxer/Australian Shepard)

By baylee (Guest Post)07/27/2008

He looks just like my dog herk, but he died a week ago at 15 years old and had one blue eye and one brown.

By Pat Giles11/06/2007

He is precious! He reminds me of the dog in "Little Rascals"! Thanks for sharing his picture and God bless you.

By Donna from San Diego (Guest Post)11/06/2007

O.K., now I am a real dog lover and am hard pressed to find one as cute as my 2, but your Bosswell comes close! Love the name too. My dear friend in PA. raises boxers, and they can be some characters. You got really lucky with this guy!

By Antoinette Perry [4]11/06/2007

I have boxers but he is so adoreable.

By Mitzi (Guest Post)11/06/2007

Bosswell is WAY CUTE!!! I am sure he loves you just as much as you love him! He is indeed a lucky doggie!! Mitzi

By Fran (Guest Post)11/06/2007

Bosswell is very cute. Enjoy every minute with him.

By Sherri (Guest Post)11/06/2007

Hi Teri,

Well, Hugs to your new fur baby Bosswell. What a sweet looking little guy. I know you two will have a GREAT life together...Enjoy

By Lori Burke (Guest Post)11/06/2007

Bosswell is a beautifully pup, Boxer and Australian Shepperd, what a great mix. Lori

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