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Removing Facial Hair


How do I remove coarse facial hair? I have tried an epilator, shaving, various creams, Nads, and wax. What works the best? I can't afford to go to a salon for treatment. Any feedback much appreciated.

By Tizzyfluff from Fife, Scotland


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By Dorina 2 100 03/25/2011

I have sensitive skin and have tried surgicream, nair, tweezing, waxing and honey mixture wax too. Everything causes irritation on my skin. I get bumps, redness and peeling. By the time my skin heals its time to do it again.

I would love to try electrolysis but cannot afford it at the moment. (A friend had excellent results.) I would suggest that if you can find an affordable place.

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By Donita 9 45 03/25/2011

Hello, I had to write about facial hair. I am a retired cosmetologist of 17 years. I waxed my eyebrows and lip all the time with wax like every other week. After doing this for a while, all the hair is gone. I don't know if it pulled the root out but now I don't have any hair under my eye brows or lip to worry about. I really think it was because I did it all the time. Good luck.

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By Fran 13 5 03/26/2011

Lots of us in the same boat! Have tried facial epilator a bit painful to start with but it works, but still have to tweeze the occasional hair though. Its just a never ending battle!
Dont know if we will ever win the war but onwards and upwards. Hope there is an answer out there if I hear it I will share.

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By leanne chaisson 44 84 03/26/2011

There is a cream available from the doctor, I do not know what it costs but apparently it does work. Also, go and see your doctor and be tested for problems to do with your ovaries and your testosterone levels. I shave every morning and have had this problem since birth, so I do understand.

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By Dorothy 1 124 03/28/2011

After years of being embarrassed by facial hair, I finally got laser treatments and my only regret is that I waited so long. I was plucking hairs every day some being very thick and it was becoming a part time job!

The first 3 treatments were a bit pricy but the followup ones are cheaper. Hair growth is hormonal so everyone is different. I haven't had a treatment for at least a year and a half. I get stray hairs but pluck them out with a tweezer and they are gone for at least a few months. I can let them grow, shaving them with my electric shaver for a while and go back for another treatment if I like.

The only area that gets a little fuzzy still is above my lip. I use my electric shaver once in a while and it's gone. Considering I had a serious mustache before, that's not so bad!

Your skin will look a little nicer too because the pores where the hair used to grow out of, close up.

Laser only works with dark hair as previously stated. Many places are having recession specials now so shop around for a good deal! I would highly recommend laser.

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Question: Removing Facial Hair Growth Caused by Medication

I have a problem. I'm 18yrs old. When I was small about 2yrs, I developed asthma, so I have to drink lots of medicine. Now when I am 18yrs it starts having an effect on my face. The hair grows longer on my face like men.

I have done many things to get rid of this but already no effect. I don't know what to do now. I am getting married soon. I have done waxing, etc., but it continues to grow longer. So I need your help now. What would I do?

By roomanah

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 06/01/2011

My kids had used asthma meds for years, never saw this at all. Could be a hormone imbalance, too much testosterone in your system. Can be checked out by a doctor, if a medical issue, insurance would be able to cover for hair removal.

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Archive: Removing Facial Hair

I am looking for suggestions, at home or salon, for the best way to remove facial hair on lip and chin (some is coarse and white) and on your back and arms (not coarse and white)? I have been told that laser hair removal will not work for coarse white hair. I am looking for the best way to keep it off for the longest time.

Sybil from Rchmond, VA

RE: Removing Facial Hair

After a car accident, I had to have plastic surgery on my upper lip twice, and the doctor shaved my lip. I know that people think it is a wives tale that if you shave it will come back thicker and more coarse; but, in my case it did! I have been shaving my lip every day for the past 21 years. I tried to go to a salon and have it waxed, but found that to be way too expensive. But, you could give that a try and see how it works out for you, your hair may not grow back as fast as mine so it may not be as expensive for you to keep up with it. (01/31/2006)

By Persnickety Paula

RE: Removing Facial Hair

How about the prescription cream Vaniga, which you can get from a dermatologist? My aunt uses it, and apparently, it works well for your problem. Good luck! (01/31/2006)

By imaguest

RE: Removing Facial Hair

I have tweezed my chin hairs (isn't this a horrible subject?) for several years now. It is an OK method to use, but if you look too closely you begin to pluck hairs that could have waited a little longer to be dealt with and then they come back in coarser. My family says that I am obsessive.

I have also had my face waxed, and I really think this is preferable. But you need to make sure that you are not tweezing and waxing, or you will have them coming in at different times and never having the growth under control.

I understand some people do not feel like they have a choice, but, if at all possible, do not shave. It will come back in coarser each time, and after a while it will be stubbly, like a man's. My sweet little aunt did this, and always told me never to follow in her footsteps with that.

When my sister began to have this problem she asked some lady friends of hers and they told her that there was a gadget or device or something that basically was like gliding a razor blade over the surface of the face in order to just get the thin hairs "trimmed", and the theory behind this was to not fool with the root of the hair at all. Don't know how much truth there is to that. I never tried it, had already been tweezing and waxing long enough that that would not work for me.

Let us know what works for you, there has to be a better way! (02/01/2006)

By fab4mom

RE: Removing Facial Hair

I have a few stubborn hairs on my chin now that I am post-menopausal and I find that the best way is to pluck them with tweezers. They grow back more slowly and I find that after plucking regularly the hair root seems to die (that's why over-plucked eyebrows are a problem). When in a hurry or without tweezers, I shave them, but they do grow in more coarsely. (03/02/2006)

By pamphyila

RE: Removing Facial Hair

Check out web site and do a search for facial hair. They have some good choices! (03/03/2006)

By jcs523

RE: Removing Facial Hair

Definitely wax. Coarse hair removes very well from the lip and chin area. If it gets too expensive for a salon treatment buy a good quality wax from a pharmacy and you can do it from home. Whatever you do don't shave, your hair will be very stubbly. (04/22/2006)

By Brooke

RE: Removing Facial Hair

Do not tweeze or wax facial hair because it will stimulate more hair growth. Stop plucking and start shaving. I would throw the tweezers and wax away and get an appointment for electrolysis or laser removal. (10/14/2007)

RE: Removing Facial Hair

I have had the same problem for years. Mine is a result of an unfortunate side effect with a poly cystic disorder. My endocrinologist prescribed "Spironalactone" for me and while this has helped (also with the growth on my legs believe it or not) it has not completely removed the problem. Still searching for that "miracle" remedy. Good luck ladies! I feel your pain. (02/23/2009)

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Archive: Removing Facial Hair

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