Removing Facial Hair

How do I remove coarse facial hair? I have tried an epilator, shaving, various creams, Nads, and wax. What works the best? I can't afford to go to a salon for treatment. Any feedback much appreciated.

By Tizzyfluff from Fife, Scotland

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I have sensitive skin and have tried surgicream, nair, tweezing, waxing and honey mixture wax too. Everything causes irritation on my skin. I get bumps, redness and peeling. By the time my skin heals its time to do it again.

I would love to try electrolysis but cannot afford it at the moment. (A friend had excellent results.) I would suggest that if you can find an affordable place.

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Hello, I had to write about facial hair. I am a retired cosmetologist of 17 years. I waxed my eyebrows and lip all the time with wax like every other week. After doing this for a while, all the hair is gone. I don't know if it pulled the root out but now I don't have any hair under my eye brows or lip to worry about. I really think it was because I did it all the time. Good luck.

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Lots of us in the same boat! Have tried facial epilator a bit painful to start with but it works, but still have to tweeze the occasional hair though. Its just a never ending battle!

Dont know if we will ever win the war but onwards and upwards. Hope there is an answer out there if I hear it I will share.



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There is a cream available from the doctor, I do not know what it costs but apparently it does work. Also, go and see your doctor and be tested for problems to do with your ovaries and your testosterone levels. I shave every morning and have had this problem since birth, so I do understand.

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After years of being embarrassed by facial hair, I finally got laser treatments and my only regret is that I waited so long. I was plucking hairs every day some being very thick and it was becoming a part time job!

The first 3 treatments were a bit pricy but the followup ones are cheaper. Hair growth is hormonal so everyone is different. I haven't had a treatment for at least a year and a half. I get stray hairs but pluck them out with a tweezer and they are gone for at least a few months. I can let them grow, shaving them with my electric shaver for a while and go back for another treatment if I like.

The only area that gets a little fuzzy still is above my lip. I use my electric shaver once in a while and it's gone. Considering I had a serious mustache before, that's not so bad!

Your skin will look a little nicer too because the pores where the hair used to grow out of, close up.

Laser only works with dark hair as previously stated. Many places are having recession specials now so shop around for a good deal! I would highly recommend laser.

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I have a problem. I'm 18yrs old. When I was small about 2yrs, I developed asthma, so I have to drink lots of medicine. Now when I am 18yrs it starts having an effect on my face. The hair grows longer on my face like men.

I have done many things to get rid of this but already no effect. I don't know what to do now. I am getting married soon. I have done waxing, etc., but it continues to grow longer. So I need your help now. What would I do?

By roomanah

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My kids had used asthma meds for years, never saw this at all. Could be a hormone imbalance, too much testosterone in your system. Can be checked out by a doctor, if a medical issue, insurance would be able to cover for hair removal.

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How can I remove useless hair from my face?

By shakes khan from Karachi


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By <a href="/profile/index.lasso?profile=thr522587">Deeli 02/28/2011

TXBetty, proper waxing will not cause wrinkles or make wrinkles worse. Most stylists who do waxing use a gentle honey waxing mixture and soft muslin cloth strips. Once the wax is placed on the skin the cloth strip is placed over it, pressed down and then quickly pulled off from one side directed out to the opposite side. Be sure the stylist uses a mild astringent when the waxing is done to close the pores which helps protect against infection.

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By <a href="/profile/index.lasso?profile=thr645835">TXBetty 02/28/2011

I've been using Surgi Cream from Sally's and it's starting to really irritate my skin. So I'm going to have my hair dresser wax it off. I'm wondering though if the pulling will make wrinkles worse.

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By <a href="/profile/index.lasso?profile=thr522587">Deeli 02/28/2011

There are a lot of depilatory creams for the face on the market for hair removal and, although it hurts a bit, you could also have the hair waxed by a professional at a beauty/hair salon. You could also have it permanently removed by electrolosis but that can be a lengthy and expensive process depending on the amount of hair but worth checking in to.

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By <a href="/profile/index.lasso?profile=thr776810">Alizaren 02/26/2011

Shaving for a woman is not a good idea on the face, and it is unecessary to do this daily. I have facial hair and have been using a product by Avon to remove it. It is in the Skin So Soft line of products. It is a cream and easily applies and works fast. It also keeps the hair from growing back as fast as it would shaving. Go to and you can find and order the product, or you too can find an Avon respesenative in your area on the website.

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How do you remove unwanted facial hair?

By Farthana


Removing Facial Hair

When I can afford to I go to a beauty school and get my chin and eyebrows waxed. Beauty schools are less expensive than salons. For in between I have a "Finishing Touch" personal facial hair remover. They advertise them on TV, but I found mine at my local WalMart in the health and beauty aids department. (06/21/2010)

By redhatterb

Removing Facial Hair

My boyfriend's sister is a licensed cosmetologist with her own shop, and I learned from her to use Surgi Cream hair remover for face, it's an extra gentle formula and works great. I used to be able to buy at our local super Walmart, but they discontinued it, so I found that I can buy it at a local beauty supply shop, good luck. Btw, I've been using it for three years or more now. (06/21/2010)

By Marie

Removing Facial Hair

I use Vaniqua, a prescription product. It is expensive ($75.00 or so), but the small tube lasts about a year. It is the only thing, besides shaving, that works for me. (06/23/2010)

By mulberry204

Removing Facial Hair

Initially waxing or tweezing will stimulate the follicle and make you produce more hair. After a few rounds though, the follicle will become damaged and the amount of hair will be greatly reduced and even cease altogether. It is important to exfoliate to handle ingrown hairs if you are prone to them. Glycolic acid peels and toners are perfect for this as well as good to keep wrinkles and discoloration at bay. Shaving will result in ingrown hairs, thicker hair and skin damage in a lot of people. Also the 5 o'clock shadow is a problem with shaving, and razor burn or crusting typically seen near the corners of the mouth if your hair is coarse. Laser treatment is not permanent and does not work well if the color of the hair is close to the color of the skin or if your hair is white, gray, or light brown. Light skin and dark hair do best, but brown skin and black thick follicles fare well too. Laser may work well initially, but the hair will return. Sometimes it can last as long as a year or more, sometimes not as long. Many treatments are required and it is expensive.

Electrolysis is the only permanent form of hair removal under FDA definition, but is expensive and can take a long time. It is glorified tweezing that destroys the follicle. But each follicle must be treated several times as more than one follicle can arise from the area and the needle must be inserted directly into the follicle to be effective. Laser can be effective, but eventually the hair follicle will regenerate itself. Depilatories are effective, but pose some of the same issues as shaving. The shadow might take a little longer to be evident since the depilatory or hair removal cream extends a little deeper into the skin layer. Some people are very sensitive early or later and develop skin irritation with prolonged use, and also ingrown hair. Threading is again tweezing and will have the same results. The nice thing about threading is that it naturally exfoliates a tiny bit of skin and aids in the prevention of ingrown hair. This new device NO NO is still new and the jury is still out.

Vaniqua cream works, but is prescription and the hair will return when the cream is no longer used. There are non-prescription alternatives, but they too must be used daily or the hair will return. They are a good alternative for a small amount of chin hair or lip problems. Hope this overall review helps. Someday let us wish for a better solution to this common problem. Some women have a very serious hair growth problem, hirsutism or hypertrichosis and it is not to be dismissed so lightly. (06/25/2010)

By liveandlearn900

Removing Facial Hair

Excessive facial hair runs in my family. My mother, her three sisters, my sister, and I and one grand daughter, all have the problem. By the time I was in my 40's I probably could have easily grown a full beard!

I started waxing and using chemicals (until it finally made my lip swell). Then I went back to waxing only when I was a teenager. About eight years ago, I spent over one thousand dollars for Alaze (laser treatments). At the time they said it was permanent. It wasn't! Within a year my facial hair was worse than ever.

I have now been doing electrolysis for a year and it appears to be a permanent solution. The technician has been in business for years. She told me that because I had been waxing and tweezing for so many years each follicle now had several roots and it would take longer than had I never tweezed. So I would recommend that anyone shave only, until they can afford electrolysis. And it only makes sense that shaving does not disturb the root at all so it would not cause more roots as tweezing and waxing does.

After a year of going once a week for electrolysis, I am finally beginning to see results. I eventually changed to every two weeks and now just once a month. I still shave in between my electrolysis appointments, but the few that are left are not the coarse ones that were so obvious. I have light ash brown hair, but my eyebrows and eyelashes have always been black or a very dark brown, as is my facial hair. I also have to tweeze several black hairs around my breast nipples every week.

My electrologist charges $50 for for thirty minutes and $80 for one hour. She has a cream that is supposed to help deaden the skin for pain, but I chose not to use it at the first treatment as it would take ten to fifteen minutes before it would take full effect. I told her to try it without and was fine as I have a very high tolerance for pain. Although I really don''t consider it very painful at all. A little bit more than tweezing. But I also have very oily skin with large pores. If I had fine skin with less visible pores, I think it might be more painful. She is also doing the stray hairs in my thick black or at least very dark eyebrows. That is more painful than my lip and chin area, but still tolerable for me to bear just to not have to tweeze every night and my eyebrows every night also!

My youngest grand daughter has the same problem and I offered to pay for six months of electrolysis for her, but she prefers waxing for now. Her older sister is blond with no facial hair problem!
My electrologist also told me that Alaze works great for legs, arms, and bikini, but not facial. Only electrolysis is a permanent solution at the current time for facial hair.
I also have to shave my arms, toes, and fingers! (06/25/2010)

By Kathryen

Removing Facial Hair

I use Sally Hansen facial hair removal cream. Hair grows back in about 4-6 weeks, but there is no "stubble", it grows back soft and is very effective. The trick is to put it on thick, don't leave on more than 6 minutes and then rinse softly with a very wet wash cloth and then hands. If you rub, your skin will burn. Instead of the accompanying cream they provide, I immediately apply Neosporin pain ointment (I do it before bed) and there is no burning. The next day I avoid any skin creams, usually just vitamin E oil for moisturizing and sun block. (07/16/2010)

By gamehen

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I am looking for suggestions, at home or salon, for the best way to remove facial hair on lip and chin (some is coarse and white) and on your back and arms (not coarse and white)?

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