Keeping Pantyhose From Running


Every time I put on a pair of pantyhose, whether the toe is sheer or reinforced, I get a runs at the toes within minutes of putting on shoes. What can I do?

By tink050804 from Hayward, CA


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By pam munro 523 787 01/28/2010

Yup, I would suggest getting a little bottle of nailpolish & keep it handy to mend any runs. Works great.

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By pam munro 523 787 01/28/2010

P.S. Once you have applied nail polish to the run, you can often move the mend around so it is on the sole of your foot, and won't show.

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By Litter Gitter 145 553 01/29/2010

I have a pair of cotton gloves that I use just for putting on my pantyhose. Also keeping your toenails short and manicured will help save the foot part.

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By Marg 16 426 02/01/2010

Try cutting the toe bit off an old pair and put it on under the new pair. It cushions your toe-nails. Once it's snagged though -yep, nail varnish! Marg from England.

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By Beth 25 1,120 02/01/2010

Definitely as was mentioned keep your toenails neat and trimmed. I have heard that freezing pantyhose makes them stronger. I've never tried but it can't hurt to. Also be sure you are wearing the right size.

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Keep your toenails cut short, slightly rounded and smoothly filed and you should have no problem.

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If you get a run, spray it with some hairspray to stop it in its tracks. A little clear nail polish will also do the trick.

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RE: Keeping Pantyhose From Running

When storing your pantyhose, be careful of wooden drawers. Small grains of wood can catch and tear the pantyhose slightly when removing them from the drawer. You may not notice the rip until it turns to a run when you wear them. (12/20/2006)

By Anon

RE: Keeping Pantyhose From Running

Just dab with a little clear nail polish. It works great. (08/11/2007)

By Kelly

RE: Keeping Pantyhose From Running

I'm responding to Mary about the product "Run Stop". I have been looking for about three years and still have the last tube. The company that makes it is Dexus, in Maryland, however their phone number posted is incorrect and I can't find the product any longer either. It was great. Anyone else have any info? (09/03/2008)

By Peggie

RE: Keeping Pantyhose From Running

Make sure your toe and finger nails are free of rough edges, apply a little lotion to your feet and hands before donning your pantyhose and don't put your jewelry on until after you've donned your pantyhose. Another trick I've discovered for making my pantyhose last longer is to hand wash them with hair shampoo and let them drip dry. My pantyhose are now lasting 2 to 3 times longer than prior to doing this. (01/18/2009)

By Michael

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