Removing Vomit Stains from Carpet

Vomit stains and odors can be difficult and unpleasant to remove from carpet. This is a guide about removing vomit stains from carpet.

Cleaning Carpet
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Tip: Windex for Carpet Stains

By AJCharee 1

Try Windex on carpet stains. My husband taught me this and it really works

By AJCharee

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Question: Dog Vomit Carpet Stains

How do I remove dog vomit stains from my carpet?

By Janice

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Most Recent Answer

By Charise 9 Flag

March 29, 2012

I have been amazed at how well plain old club soda works to clean up stains left by pets, including vomit. Clean up any solids first, then pour a little club soda on the stain. Let it set a few seconds, then use a rag (not paper towels) to scrub. If you still have a slight stain, repeat, and use some Oxyclean spray, and scrub again. Obviously, this works best on new stains.

I have been using this method for several years. Unfortunately, I have some aging animals with health problems and have had to use this method a lot lately.

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Question: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

By Gayle Brett 1

Once a cat pukes on carpet and the carpet turns yellow (after only a few hours) is there any way to return the carpet to its original color? I've tried dish soap and water, and carpet cleaner. My new gray carpet still has yellow spots!

By Gayle from Lutsen, MN

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Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

July 27, 20101 found this helpful

Is the carpet discolored from the cat food or from the cleaning process? If it is from the cat food, you should be able to get this out with a good quality carpet cleaner. If it is from the cleaning process (you mentioned the stains showed up later?) than you likely have a more difficult problem.

Just be sure NOT to use bleach. You'll get rid of the stains as well as the carpet color! Oh, and change brands of cat food to one that has less added color.

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Question: Cat Vomit on Wool Carpet

By alison mawson 1

How do I get cat vomit out of a wool carpet?

By Alison from Scunthorpe, UK

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Most Recent Answer

By Elizabeth 200 Flag

October 26, 2010

After lifting up the clumps, I use Resolve pet cleaner and a scrub brush in the cleaning aisle of your food store. It works for me and removes the smell and stain. Use in a corner first to see if it will effect the color of your carpet.

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Question: Cleaning Cat Vomit Off Carpet

By baby doll 1

kitties on the bedHow do I remove stains on my carpet from my cats vomiting all the time? Also, how do I prevent them from constantly doing this? Please help. Thanks.

By baby doll

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Question: Doggie Vomit on Carpeting

By Laurie Young F. 3 6

I need a sure-fire way to get this icky up-chuck stain off my newly-cleaned carpeting. I've blotted up the liquid, etc. Now I'm left with an icky stain. Help!

By Laurie

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Question: Old Vomit Stain Removal on Carpet

By Kat 4

My daughter has a vomit stain on her carpet from the 2nd week in December. She has tried everything everyone has suggested. It doesn't smell, but the stain will not go away. She needs to get the stain out so she isn't charged for the stain when she moves out.

I thank you in advance for your advice.

By Kat

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Question: Vomit Stain on Carpet

By Sheri Russo 1

Now that the light has changed for the season, we are really noticing some pet stains in my roommate's room. She has white carpet and unfortunately the cats have the tenancy to throw up on it. Any idea on how to get out old cat vomit stains? This would be a great help.

Thank you.

By Sheri from NJ

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Archive: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I need advice! While babysitting, my friend's kid threw up all over the place. I am having the hardest time getting rid of the vomit smell in my carpet and my hair. I have tried everything on the carpet: soap and water, vinegar, CarpetFresh, Febreeze - nothing worked. Now it just smells like CarpetFresh AND vomit. I've washed my hair a number of times but can't get the smell out of there either. It's really awful. If I have to throw out the carpet, I will, but I don't want to cut off all my hair! Please help!

Anon from Brooklyn, NY


RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Let is sit there for a couple hours and then vacuum. Baking soda is the best at getting odors out of things. Just give it time to work. You may need to do this for a few times, but is should help.

Note: If the vomit liquid got into the carpet backing, then it is more difficult and my not be possible to completely remove the smell.

I wish you well in this.


RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

The smell may not be in the carpet but in the padding underneath. My best suggestion is to take a utility knife and cut out the piece of carpeting, replace the padding underneath and after washing the carpet piece with plain old soap, like Ivory Flakes or grated Ivory soap, replace the piece into the hole like a puzzle piece.

Merry Christmas! (12/24/2005)

By rabbithorns

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I would recommend cleaning the carpet with a biological washing powder or liquid. This definitely works when treating any animal 'accident' smells even cat spray! (12/25/2005)

By emjclarke

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

If you have wood under your carpet padding, it may have soaked into the wood.
Or it may just be the carpet itself, not sure check each place so you know what you should clean!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! (12/25/2005)


RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

Wow, thank you all for your kind and helpful advice. I tried baking soda, which worked well for a while, but a few hours later, the smell was back. After reading your comments, I checked and it looked like it had seeped through the carpet backing and into the floor! That's why nothing was working.

Incidentally I would advise people not to buy CarpetFresh foam - the smell was offensive and just joined forces with the puke smell to make one invincible super-smell.

I tried tomato juice and facial astringent on my hair today (I read they are last ditch resorts) and the smell is weakened but still there. I just hope that since it is weakening, the smell will eventually fade away.

I ended up giving up and throwing out the carpet today. I recently redecorated and it didn't match my new color scheme anyway. But thanks again for all your replies. I'll sure think twice before babysitting again! Happy holidays everyone. (12/26/2005)

By Anon from Brooklyn, NY

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

Visit to learn more about carpets made with Wear-Dated® carpet fiber including DuraSoft®, Traffic Control and ThermaSealed®


Important - Always read and follow the care instructions and any warnings provided by the carpet manufacturer. Rugs and carpets with natural fibers and/or certain dyes may require special treatment. If in doubt contact a cleaning professional for advice/service. Also follow these General Rules for stain treatment.

Remove as much of the stain as possible by using a spoon or dull knife. Blot up as much of the stain as possible with white paper towels.

Neutralize by spraying the affected area with the ammonia solution (1 tablespoon of clear household ammonia and 1/2 cup of water). Care should be taken to remove all protein matter. Blot to remove excess moisture.

Apply a small quantity of detergent solution to the spot. (To make the detergent solution mix 1/4 teaspoon of a hand dish washing detergent which does not contain lanolin or bleach with 1 quart of water; examples of safe detergents are Dawn® and Joy®.) Use a blotting motion to work the detergent into the affected area. If spot is being removed continue applying detergent and blotting with a white paper towel until spot is removed.

Rinse with tap water using a spray bottle, blot to remove excess moisture.

Spray lightly with water, do not blot this time; apply pad of paper towels and brick and allow to dry. If there is still some stain on the carpet and blotting is not removing it, then moisten the tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for on (1) hour. Blot and repeat until carpet is stain free. Light will cause peroxide to change back to water so no rinsing is necessary. Apply pad of paper towels and weight down with brick. (12/28/2005)


RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I have found that Head and Shoulders Shampoo gets rid of the smell of vomit as well as the smell of skunk on a long haired dog. (12/28/2005)

By Debi K

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I'm not sure what to tell you about your hair, but I would suggest renting some sort of industrial type cleaning machine for carpets to do the best job. You can either hire a professional company or you can rent the machines are do it yourself for much less. (12/29/2005)

By Robin

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I have had excellent success with the pet stain/odor products "Nature's Miracle" and "Kids and Pets" in dealing with extensive vomit stains in carpet. You should make sure that you don't have a real, finished wood floor (like parquet) under the carpet -- if you do, you won't be able to use the large quantity of the above cleaners to completely soak the stain, without risking damage to the floor; if it is a standard plywood sub floor, you should be ok.

First, make sure that any solid bits are removed. I would then very liberally soak the stain; let it sit for a half hour then either blot it up with towels, or if large, rinse it out with a "wet" carpet cleaner/vacuum (I have a Bissell). If this doesn't completely work, repeat the process. (12/29/2005)

By MP in Michigan

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet & hair

I have extra long hair--to my knees--and I went through a similar experience. You'll need to get the smell out of your nose too because the smell may be gone but for some reason extra sensitive noses can still smell it. Here's what I did, I washed with Purell Shampoo to which I added baking soda. Then I made a paste of baking soda and water and loaded it onto my hair and scalp---put a plastic shower cap or hair color cap on and wear it all night or for several hours. Wash your hair again with a shampoo to which you've added baking soda and rinse out. You might have to do this twice. It worked for me and I even used this method on the carpet. I buy the Purell shampoo at Dollar General or Family Dollar. Best of luck! (12/31/2005)

By anonymous friend

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I would use vinegar on the carpet. I would pour enough on the carpet to saturate the stained area, let it sit for a minute and then put towels over the area and step on them. If any stain is left, wipe the stain with baby wipes. I have always had luck getting stains out with wipes. (01/08/2006)

By Ann4

Archive: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

I have a doxy and she was sick for a couple of days. Can anyone suggest how to get stain out of carpets? It is Beige carpet. She is fine now, the vet said it was just a flu like thing. Thanks.

Sherin from Ontario, Canada


RE: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

Try Shout laundry stain remover. Test a spot that is not seen, then try it on the stain. That is what I'd do. Hope it helps. Angie (08/20/2008)

By auguissette

RE: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

Get "Resolve Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains." Sure worked for me! (08/21/2008)

By connie w.

RE: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

I found a "new to me" carpet cleaner is Folex. It may be purchased at Wal-Mart, where I got mine, Home Depot as well as Lowes. My hubby took stains out of our carpet that we didn't know what they were. It also works on upholstery as well as clothing. A friend of mine said she got out an old stain out of her hubby's shirt. So it works. Hope it does for you too.

Linda from PA (08/21/2008)

By quickcooker

RE: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

I use vinegar water or often just warm water, and my wet-dry vacuum helps me really pull the dirty water out of the deepest layers. No matter what cleaner, you gotta get it all up. (08/21/2008)

By kimhis

RE: Removing Vomit Stains From Beige Carpet

I have had 2 cats for 15 yr and they continue to vomit on my beige carpet weekly. Here is my true blue never fail homemade carpet cleaner. (These ingredients will make about 1 yrs worth of cleaner.)You'll need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid Oxycleaner stain remover (I used to use
  • powder but this works MUCH better)
  • Liquid SHOUT gel
  • Liquid colored bleach.

Mix equal parts of each cleaner (it really depends on the size of your spray bottle but I normally do a little less than 1/4 c each). Fill with hot water. Shake gentle.

Spray on the stain and wait a minute or two. Then spray once more and scrub. BEAUTIFUL! If you get a soapy result, you have too much cleaner and need to water it down some.

By Char

Archive: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

I have a cat who has been throwing, which then leads to a stain in the carpet. We have a Bissell pet spot remover and we have tried other Bissell products to get the stains out and nothing seems to work. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestion.

Danielle from Orlando, FL


RE: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

Try these steps:

  1. Scrape up solids with a spoon or dull knife. Blot up as much of the stain as possible with white paper towels.

  2. Neutralize the stain by spraying the area with a solution of 1 tablespoon ammonia and 1 cup warm water. Do not use ammonia solution on wool carpets! Just skip down to the next step.

  3. Sponge the area with a solution of 1 teaspoon mild, non-alkali detergent and 1/2 pint lukewarm water. Continue to apply detergent and blot with paper towels until the stain is removed.

  4. Once the stain is removed, spray lightly with water. Place an absorbent pad over the damp area and weigh it down with a heavy object. When no more liquid is absorbed, remove the pad and allow carpet to thoroughly air dry.

  5. If an odor remains after the area is dried, sprinkle the area with baking soda. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then vacuum.
source: (10/16/2008)

By Ken

RE: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

I had the same problem with my cat and my dog. They always seemed to get sick on my beige carpeting. Faithfully I use Woolite Carpet Cleaner with OxiClean in it. I really saturate the spot and it has worked every time. Even when my dog got some "dodo" on the beige carpeting. Good luck! (11/08/2008)

By MLP89

RE: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

I have found that you let the stain dry if possible. Then dab a bit of 91% rubbing alcohol on a white rag and gently rub the carpet. Keep rubbing onto stain until gone The 91% rubbing alcohol works much much better than the 70% kind, so be careful to buy the correct formulation. Hope this helps. Qwner of 5 cats! (12/04/2008)

By Janine

RE: Removing Vomit Stains On Carpet

I have white carpet and use straight hydrogen peroxide on the stain and it works almost every time. Some dry cat foods leave a faint yellow stain so I'm going to try the shaving cream suggestion to see if that works. (02/10/2010)

By freebiedee

Archive: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I had my six month old Basset Hound named Howlie spayed this past Monday. When she was brought home from having surgery later that day she was pretty sick from the anesthesia. That evening and all night she kept vomiting up this green bile. It was as green as grass in color. She is doing fine now.

What I would like to know is if anyone can tell me how how to get the green color out of my carpet? I have several green spots on my carpet and have tried everything I can think of. Tried shampooing it out also. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Rita from Weatherford, TX


RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

Get some Spot Shot at Wal Mart or a similar store. I haven't found a stain yet that this product won't remove.

By Jean from MS

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

I use Simple Green and LA' Totally Awesome. The Awesome is sold at dollar stores and now I know why they call it that, it takes stains out of anything. I use all the Awesome products now, even the laundry stuff will get stains out of carpet and things! I used Simple Green because a friend I had owned a laundry business, and she said it took stains out of everything. I was not supposed to share this info as she charged for stain removal, lol. This is really yucky, too, but she said in her business, funeral homes would come in after hours and they would in the industrial washers wash the bedding that embalming and such were done on, gross! They came to her to get blood stains out of stuff she used Simple Green on a lot. Sorry to gross you out, but this stuff has power! (05/01/2008)

By KimmyLynn

RE: Vomit Stain on Carpet

Resolve for pet stains is awesome for removing the stain and odor! I have used it for cat vomit, blood stains on our carpet and cat tree after a stray cat wounded one of our cats (he was taken to vet after I discovered the blood stains, and is A-OK now). We also had 3 big spots of kitten diarrhea when we started letting the kittens come in for winter, that a stray under our house had given birth to, all of which we have adopted and spayed-neutered. One of them must have been sick or very nervous that first couple of days, as he had several accidents before making it to the litter box, poor thing. Resolve resolved the problem, though, LOL.

You just get up all you can with a paper towel or washcloth, spray the area, wait 3 minutes, then keep wiping with a damp cloth until all of the stain and solution is gone, then allow to dry. Very easy. I never thought the area around their litter boxes would be the same, but it is. And you get it at the grocery or Wal-mart or wherever. You don't have to make a special trip to the pet store or vet. (06/02/2008)

By Connie W

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