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Bobbin Getting Tangled


My sewing machine was working fine until I took the plate off to clean out the dust and stuff underneath it. When I put everything back on and turned my machine back on and started to sew the bobbin started pulling and jamming. Then I have to pull out the fabric and it has a lot of thread on the bottom like it is pulling lots of thread. The machine keeps stopping. What did I do? Can anyone help.

By Donna from FL


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By Shirley 2 9 10/31/2010

If this happens on my Elna it means that the Bobbin is either in, upside down, OR I have NOT threaded the feed from the spool of thread properly. Often it will do this on its own.

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By Shirley 2 9 10/31/2010

Please see answer above. Note; you can tell if Bobbin is upside down (in wrong) if the thread is NOT turning counterclockwise. Must turn counterclockwise. Also, make sure that you have not inadvertently bumped the tension adjuster. Helps if we know the make of the machine, as adjustments differ on each brand. Cheers!

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By Joan 13 1,482 10/31/2010

I have had this happen occasionally, but not enough to be bothered about it. After about 60 years of sewing almost everything, it took me until about 10 years ago to discover that you definitely shouldn't start a seam at the very edge of the fabric. Whenever I would do that I would end up with the thread and edge of seam "gnarly". Then one day I read that to prevent that from happening you should start sewing about 1/4" in from the edge of the fabric. It's amazing what that does.

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I was given a sewing machine, and there's a problem. When I am sewing the bobbin gets all tangled up, I will get one or two good stitches then nothing. When I turn the material over there is a ton of thread from the bobbin. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you correct it?


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