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Herbs That Spiders Don't Like

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How do I keep spiders away from inside my house? I keep cleaning and cleaning and their webs just keep coming back. I kill them and more appear. Is there a special herb they do not like that will keep them away? The sticky insect traps have not caught 1 spider yet.

Chuck R. from Kentwood, MI



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By Chuck R. [7]11/30/2006

Thanks for the info. I have never seen hedgeapples in Michigan but perhaps they are in isolated places.

By (Guest Post)11/22/2006

What are hedgeapples? Is that like a "road apple"? Or a crab apple?
Editor's Note: Hedgeapples are also called Osage Oranges. Here's a link about them and shows what they look like:

By Amy (Guest Post)11/21/2006

Have you tried cutting up Hedgeapples? We were told that they work for most bugs. Even though we didn't have a bug problem since our house was new, I cut some up and placed them in corners. We never did see bugs in our house, so maybe they worked! You have to place them on foil or in small pie pans, and keep away from animals and kids, if they go for that stuff, because I guess they are poisonous and leave stains. Good luck!!

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