Replacement Controls for Sunbeam Electric Blanket


I would like to know if and where I can buy dual controls for my Sunbeam blanket?
I spent over a hundred dollars for the blanket.

By Cheryl


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By mcw 80 1,754 01/22/2012

Look in the yellow pages of your phone book under small appliance or appliance repair and I believe they will be able to order the part that you need.
If you don't have a land line phone look under yellow pages.com. under the same heading.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,068 01/23/2012

If the item was defective, you should be able to get another. If not, and nothing else works, take a cell phone photo of the plug in, or the blanket to a second hand store and try and find one there.

I have never failed to find a plug in for anything I needed.

Good luck

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,645 01/25/2012

You can also try Googling using the search term: "...sunbeam electric blanket replacement parts...", the company website should come up and you'll be able to find what you need there.

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By howbarnes 01/25/2012

You could try to go to the manufacturer's website and try to find it on there, or try ebay or something like that

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By Susan Hall 2 02/06/2012

I just may have what you need! My daughter received a king size electric blanket for Christmas. She was watching TV on the couch and decided to cover up with the blanket (which was still under the tree). She left it laying on the couch when she went to bed.

By morning our boxer puppy had pretty much removed the wiring from the blanket! So... I need a picture of your connector, if they match I'll send you some brand new controls!

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By maymie01 02/13/2015

Susan, did you sell the electric blanket control you had? I would be very interested in it.

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By maymie01 02/13/2015

I just saw the dual power cord for your blanket on ebay, Cheryl.

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By Joan [21] 09/03/2012

If you Google "replacement cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket" you will get lots of information on buying a new cord. Also check Walmart.com. If you live near a Walmart you could pick it up at the store and save the delivery charge. Either way, it would be a lot cheaper than buying a new blanket.

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