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Removing Diet Coke Stains From Clothing

diet cola

That dark brown stain from you Diet Coke looks like it will be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing Diet Coke Stains from clothing.



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Question: Diet Coke Stains on Clothing

I spilled Diet Coke on an all cotton shirt. I have used Stain Out on it and washed it about 6 times, every time I have clothing the same color, using the Stain Out each time. I also called the Coke company and they couldn't help me. Any suggestions for removing Diet coke stains from a 100%cotton shirt?

Thanks in advance,
Ms April

Most Recent Answer

By Concetta06/27/2007

I've had good luck with shampoo and dish soap before - pour and let it sit for a bit, and then wash.

I've also had some luck with a Tide pen with some older DC stains - you might want to give that a shot.