Remedies for Thin Hair

There are many reasons for thin, limp hair. This is a guide about remedies for thin hair.


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When one of my daughters was little, she had very wispy, very fine hair. A pharmacist recommended Biotin (back then - more than 20 years ago - they were tiny white pills. Now, they are huge!). I dosed her up and her hair improved. Now, as a 25 year old, she has beautiful long thick healthy hair.

By Leeza

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I've had similar results using biotin. My GP recommended it after a test showed I had a deficiency. It took about a month of taking a mega dose for the difference to be really noticeable but wow, what a difference in hair, skin, and nails.

I have mild discoid type eczema and the biotin really-really-really helps! In the five years I've been taking biotin I've only had one flare-when I moved to the UK and couldn't find biotin supplements in the chemist shops. When the flare started I tried Amazon in desperation and hurrah - Amazon carries it!

I know what you mean about the horse pills and was especially pleased that the ones I get from Amazon are small tabs @10,000mcg each. I take two per day with a meal and it's working great for me.

Supposedly biotin in very high doses like mine are ok as it's almost impossible to 'overdose'. However anyone deciding biotin is for them needs to do the research (Mayo Clinic online has reliable information) and check with their health care provider before taking it.

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My hairdresser suggested that I use Biotin also.

I am finding my hair becoming thicker and longer. Never had this before.

Hooray, finally after all these years something so simple doing such amazing things.

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Being 77 year old, my hair is thinning. I can't afford Joan Rivers Cosmetic Hair Color to fill in the thinning area so I tried using my dry powder eyebrow color on my scalp, just like she does on her TV ad. It did a pretty good job of coverage. My hair is light brown almost dark blond.


By Shirley from Mesa, AZ

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Oh, Shirley! That's lovely -A real 'up yours' to those advertisers. Sorry- I'm not usually rude, but don't we get sick of having things pushed at us? Definite thumbs up!

Marg from England.

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My hair is very thin and fine. I am over 60 and past menopause, which I have heard can make your hair this way, although it has always been thin. What can I do to give my hair volume and control? I do not color, perm or blow dry. I use Shimmer Lights shampoo to highlight the silver but other than that my hair air dries with nothing else to damage it. Help!


beachlifer from Lincoln City, OR

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Hi my name is Jannette my hair began to thin out in my teens. I have tried hundreds of hair thickening products including topic hair fibers which were good at first but proved to be costly and no use to hair without good static which is needed to bond to the fibers. I have suffered with thyroid problems and found that medication didn't help with my already thinning hair.

During pregnancy however in third/fourth month my hair would transform to beautiful locks then three/four months after childbirth it would revert to being thin. Puzzling I'm sure... When I was 18 I began to suffer from B12 deficiency. This is a very important vitamin needed for development of red blood cells B12 supports your nervous system, and your whole body function including hair growth; yes, hair growth.

I had been prescribed B12 injections for almost 7 years when a decision was made to reduce and stop them. While taking B12 my hair improved dramatically, but once they stopped my hair not only stopped growing but fell out completely.

It's a long story however I'm back on them and my hair is manageable it's still thin but taking B12 helps. You can get it from Holland and Barret health food store or online at women's health. Also I now lighten my hair which was dark this does create volume which last 3 to 4 weeks after colouring.

I use ASDA tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner followed with sheer blonde boost volume mousse by John Frieda. For me this mousse is a must I then blow dry my hair using my hands, brushes and combs can pull hair away from scalp so I try to comb as little as possible. At best you have got to experiment with your own hair trial and errors will help you to learn your hairs strengths and weaknesses strange though it seems I have also found that my hair is finer in summer months than in winter time.

My problems began when I was 18 I am now 41 and have been taking B12 for over 17 years. My final advice is to seek medical advice to see if you are deficient in any essential vitamins or suffer from conditions such as thyroid disorder which may be effecting health and hair growth. Thanks for reading and God Bless from a friend. xxxx

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I don't know if it will thicken your hair but it definitely helps more hair to grow. It is a supplement/vitamin called Biotin. I had an incident where I lost a patch of hair on the top of my head. When the scares healed it was a bare spot about the size of a peanut butter lid. I have been taking Biotin and now it is about the size of a dime (maybe even smaller).

I know Biotin helps hair to be stronger and it help strengthen finger nails as well. And Biotin isn't expensive.. for that matter it is really cheap from places like Puritan Pride. You will also find it in most multivitamin but the dosage is small.

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I have fine, very straight hair. I would like to know which root lift products are best for giving it more lift and volume. I do use volume shampoos and they help.

By jch

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Add an ounce of liquid pectin to 8 ounces of shampoo and to conditioner. Wash and condition as usual. You will find liquid pectin with canning supplies. I find the powder pectin doesn't work. Lots of luck

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Styling gel such as my favorite; Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, applied to roots only will help. Blow dry against the growth. Usually bending over and partially drying your hair, then finish in the style you want.

The main thing is try to keep the styling product off the ends of your hair, as that weighs your hair down and you won't get the lift from the roots that you want.

Also, lift your hair with your fingers and spray the roots only, keeping the spray off the ends of your hair as it will weigh your hair down, and you won't get that lift.

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My mom's hair is really starting to fall out from chemotherapy. She doesn't want to get a wig(this climate's very hot and humid and wigs can be uncomfortable). Do those horse shampoos really make hair look thicker? They're kind of expensive and mom doesn't want to try until she knows. Or does anybody know of another solution? Any help would be appreciated.

Joan from Chesapeake, VA

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Two websites to look at: and These products are pricey, but so worth it. Best of wishes to your mother.

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Tell your mom not to wash her hair every day. Take a spray bottle with water and let it set for a couple of days and use that on her hair and comb thru. I was taking a medicine that made my hair fall out and I do this and my hair grew back in in a year. Shampoo has chemicals in it that cause hair to dry out and can make it brittle. Washing your hair once a week is all the hair needs to be clean. If your mom lets the natural oils build up in the hair this should help stop the stress on the hair folicule. The medicine she is taking causes stress for your hair and then when you wash it with shampoo makes it worse. I wash my hair once a week and use the water in a spray bottle the rest of the weak use a brush that has wide set bristles as not to pull the hair. Also stay away from putting it in pony tail holders and a short cut will take the weight off the hair folicule and it won't be as noticeable the loss of hair. Also take a vitamin pill daily...To replenish minerals lost from being ill. Hope this helps. I will pray for your mother and hope she will get better. God bless.

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My daughter is 8 years old and she has very fine, thin hair. It grows slowly and breaks, it does not grow long. Please give me advice. I sometimes think maybe it might be the shampoo that's too strong for her.

By Milla

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I would take her to see a dermatologist. She may have Alopecia Areata. This is what causes young people to go bald prematurely. Sadly it does affect some girls. I hope this helps. Here is what says.

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Could be the shampoo...use a very mild children's shampoo. It could also be a lack of fiber in her diet. Hair and nails require fiber to grow strong.

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What can I use for my hair to make it thicker. I have tried everything I see that's a hair thickening product, but no results. I'm feeling so hopeless when it comes to my hair. Everything I try seems to me that I'm only wasting my money on hopeless capsules and treatments. Please help. My hair is so thin that you can even see my scalp. It's very embarrassing for me to go out when I'm looking like this. It breaks my heart. Please tell me what to mix or anything. Please, I'm very desperate. I have straight hair, but it's too thin.

By Casline from South Africa

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Take 5000 mg. biotin every day and always with a high potency B-complex. Also, please have your thyroid checked, as this is a common symptom of thyroid disease. I hope this helps.

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Use shampoo products with panthenol in it. I have very thick hair and made the mistake in buying a shampoo with panthenol in it my hair seem to have trippled, so I KNOW shampoos with panthenol works. It clings to your hair shaft. And as recommended don't wash your hair everyday.

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My hair is too thin. How do I thicken it?

By wowhotnews

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Purchase from vitamin outlets such as Holland & Barrett in UK (not sure of the US equivalent): Silica, or horsetail vitamin tablets.

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I do not believe you can "thicken" hair. You might try different shampoos & conditioners, to see if some of them might give your hair some body. Sometimes powerful medications can affect your hair, making less attractive than it was, or poor nutrition can also affect hair quality.

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I am wondering if there is anything that I can take or use that will help my hair grow thicker or longer. Ever since my hysterectomy my hair has gotten thinner and has slowed down on its growth some. I would like my hair to be longer and thicker then it is. Thanks for any help that you can give.

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