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Remedies for Thin Hair

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A woman looking at the ends of her damaged hair.

There are many reasons for thin, limp hair. This is a guide about remedies for thin hair.


Solutions: Remedies for Thin Hair

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Tip: Tips for Hiding Thinning Hair

Being 77 year old, my hair is thinning. I can't afford Joan Rivers Cosmetic Hair Color to fill in the thinning area so I tried using my dry powder eyebrow color on my scalp, just like she does on her TV ad. It did a pretty good job of coverage. My hair is light brown almost dark blond.

By Shirley from Mesa, AZ

Tip: Biotin For Thick Hair

When one of my daughters was little, she had very wispy, very fine hair. A pharmacist recommended Biotin (back then - more than 20 years ago - they were tiny white pills. Now, they are huge!). I dosed her up and her hair improved. Now, as a 25 year old, she has beautiful long thick healthy hair.

By Leeza

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Here are questions related to Remedies for Thin Hair.

Question: Adding Volume to Limp Hair

I have fine, very straight hair. I would like to know which root lift products are best for giving it more lift and volume. I do use volume shampoos and they help.

By jch


Most Recent Answer

By Kipling8301/21/2014

I have fine/thin hair. I have tried every type of product out there without much success. The best product(s) for me with the fine/thin hair are the Chi Magnified Volume line (purple containers). This includes the finishing spray, shampoo, conditioner, and spray foam. I bought a travel size package with the products from TJ Maxx about 2 months ago for $15. I was and am still happy with the volume I get from using all 4. They run about $16 each for the normal sizes. I buy them online at Folica (they seem to have good sales) or at TJ Maxx if I can find them.

If you try one, I would try the Chi Magnified Spray Foam. I spray a little on my hands and rub through my hair and style with a round brush and blow dryer. It is amazing how my hair holds a style, shiny, and has volume now. The shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray are fantastic products. You can feel the volume with the shampoo. The conditioner does not weigh down your hair (use only a small amount). The finishing spray keeps a hold and is very light. My hair is very easy to style with the Chi Magnified Volume products - haven't had a bad hair day since I started using them!

Question: Adding Volume to Thin, Fine Hair

My hair is very thin and fine. I am over 60 and past menopause, which I have heard can make your hair this way, although it has always been thin. What can I do to give my hair volume and control? I do not color, perm or blow dry. I use Shimmer Lights shampoo to highlight the silver but other than that my hair air dries with nothing else to damage it. Help!

beachlifer from Lincoln City, OR


Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]03/28/2012

I don't know if it will thicken your hair but it definitely helps more hair to grow. It is a supplement/vitamin called Biotin. I had an incident where I lost a patch of hair on the top of my head. When the scares healed it was a bare spot about the size of a peanut butter lid. I have been taking Biotin and now it is about the size of a dime (maybe even smaller).

I know Biotin helps hair to be stronger and it help strengthen finger nails as well. And Biotin isn't expensive.. for that matter it is really cheap from places like Puritan Pride. You will also find it in most multivitamin but the dosage is small.

Question: Do Horse Shampoos Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

My mom's hair is really starting to fall out from chemotherapy. She doesn't want to get a wig(this climate's very hot and humid and wigs can be uncomfortable). Do those horse shampoos really make hair look thicker? They're kind of expensive and mom doesn't want to try until she knows. Or does anybody know of another solution? Any help would be appreciated.

Joan from Chesapeake, VA

Most Recent Answer

By mic (Guest Post)10/08/2008

The best for losing hair is nioxim shampoo, it'll really work!

Question: Plumping Up Thin Hair

Does anyone know of something that really works and is really good to plump up thinning hair in women?

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By helen [64]08/18/2009

I live in the U.K, would I be able to buy that here? Many thanks.

Question: Remedies for Thin Hair

I have thin, lifeless, hair with no body. I wear it short. Does anybody have any suggestions to give body to my hair?

Judy Fom Texas

Most Recent Answer

By Just Me (Guest Post)10/21/2006

bottle of IPA 70% rub with cotton balls and then apply sulfur 8 medicated on scalp. IPA does the cleaning and opens the fol

Question: Thinning Hair After Hysterectomy

I am wondering if there is anything that I can take or use that will help my hair grow thicker or longer. Ever since my hysterectomy my hair has gotten thinner and has slowed down on its growth some. I would like my hair to be longer and thicker then it is. Thanks for any help that you can give.

Cathy from Grand Rapids, MI

Most Recent Answer

By julie [6]09/14/2009

I've had huge hair loss for year and a half since my hysterectomy. It seems to have slowed now. My brother, Father and two grandfathers were/are bald, so I am assuming its the lack of female hormone; allowing male hormone to dominate, Just curious,to all the other women mentioned, Are the male members of their family bald? Could you let us know please?

Question: Remedy for Thin Hair

What can I use for my hair to make it thicker. I have tried everything I see that's a hair thickening product, but no results. I'm feeling so hopeless when it comes to my hair. Everything I try seems to me that I'm only wasting my money on hopeless capsules and treatments. Please help. My hair is so thin that you can even see my scalp. It's very embarrassing for me to go out when I'm looking like this. It breaks my heart. Please tell me what to mix or anything. Please, I'm very desperate. I have straight hair, but it's too thin.

By Casline from South Africa

Most Recent Answer

By Kim L. [11]01/01/2014

I have been using this product for a year now and have had wonderful results. I bought it at Fantastic Sams. I have actual pictures of my results if you would like to see them. Use only this, nothing else, and I mean nothing other than this and it will probably work for you too ! ... hampoo/dp/B00BSFDUL2/ref=pd_sbs_bt_5

Question: Child's Hair is Thin and Keeps Breaking Off

My daughter is 8 years old and she has very fine, thin hair. It grows slowly and breaks, it does not grow long. Please give me advice. I sometimes think maybe it might be the shampoo that's too strong for her.

By Milla

Most Recent Answer

By Denise11/06/2013

Your shampoo has very little to do with the growth of your hair. I would look more into her diet. Eating healthy will help her hair. If she is not eating well, it will take approximately 3 months to notice a change after you improve her diet. As far as the length, we all have different growth rates and different lengths to which our hair will grow.

Question: Using Horse Shampoo for Thin Hair

Does the use of horse shampoo such as Equiline cause greying of hair when used on humans? If it does what causes it? Is there a specific way to use horse shampoos for the treatment of thin and falling hair as when I used it it made my hair very hard?

By Z.E from Johannesburg, SA

Most Recent Answer


Horse shampoo is for horse hair. No shampoo, human or otherwise, is going to cause gray hair or thicken fine or thin hair. The color of hair is genetically determined as is texture and thickness and the only things that will possibly change that is applying hair color or your physical health or medications.

Question: Thickening Hair

My hair is too thin. How do I thicken it?

By wowhotnews

Most Recent Answer

By kathleensong10/31/2014

Hello, if you want the hair to look thick. I suggest you use the hair extension, this hair extension can't hurt our hair, and it also makes your hair thick.

Question: Hair Extensions and Thinning Hair

I once had thick shoulder length hair, but I have lost most of my hair and its thickness due to hair extension glue. I have been trying to grow it back, but no results. Please help.

By Sal

Most Recent Answer

By elva [1]12/20/2009

I never know why women add that crap to their hair, My oldest daughter does this often and I have warm her so much about the damage she does to her hair.
Try washing your hair with hair conditioner only, and skip the shampoo for a couple of months, this will help with the breakage. I don't know of anything that will help with thinning hair. you might want to consult your doctor about that.

Question: Perming Thin Hair

I think I need a perm as my hair is very thin and fine. However is perming hair bad for falling hair? Will perming hair cause further loss? I need volume at the top to conceal my scalp. Wearing a wig is uncomfortable for hot weather conditions and it looks unreal.

By Tan BH

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]12/16/2014

How a wig looks will depend on the style. I never spend more than $50.00 on a wig and when I wear them I get lots of compliments from people I know thinking I have been to a beauty shop and had a complete new hair do, including color change, because my hair is dark brown and I have a couple different shades of red wigs and a couple different shades of blonde wigs. I am 74 and have very little grey in my natural color. As to an answer about perms, you will have to talk to a hair stylist that you are familiar with and that you trust.

Question: Remedy for Thin Hair

My hair is too fine and thin. What can I do to make it thicker and strong?

By Siphosethu

Question: Eating Walnuts to Add Volume to Fine Hair

My question is to the person who mentioned that eating walnuts helps your hair, do you mean fresh, or packaged walnuts, does it make any difference? Thanks.

By Anne


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Archive: Tips for Hiding Thinning Hair

I am a middle-aged woman. Does anyone have tricks to camophlage thinning hair on the top (crown) and front hairline?


Archive: Tips for Hiding Thinning Hair

Due to an allergic reaction, I have had some thin patches in my hair which are growing back in. In the meantime, I find that when I apply strong black coffee to the area, my scalp is tinted a light brown, which blends in with my hair and disguises the thin section! This is only temporary, but might help if you want to disguise thinning hair where the white scalp shows through the thin hair! Its working for me.

By pamphyila from L.A., CA