Removing Shells From Hard Boiled Eggs


How do I peel a hard boiled egg without it sticking to the egg white, and taking it off with it? I have never been able to do this without ruining the eggs. Also, these are fresh eggs, not store bought, does that make a difference?

By Dixie from Lubbock, TX


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By Suntydt 75 877 02/22/2011

Yes, fresh eggs do not peel as well as store bought. Don't know why they just don't. If I remember right, if you add a little vinegar to the water when you boil them it will help them peel. I know if you add salt when they boil they won't crack. Maybe someone else can confirm the vinegar trick.

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By Helmut 8 120 02/22/2011

I used to do it the hard way too, until I found the absolute easiest way.
1) Poke a pinhole through the narrow end of the egg shell, just through the outer shell. For just a few eggs use a knife tip, if you have lots to do, a small screw from inside a drawer sticking out the side wall of the drawer about 1/16" works well. That prevents the egg from cracking during boiling and sucks cold water in when cooling.

2) Boil the eggs for 3-4 minutes and let them sit covered for 3-4 minutes. That accomplishes the same as a 5-6 minute boil at half the electricity cost.

3) Gently tip the hot water out and replace with cold running water.

4) Remove a penny size piece of shell from the small end, and a quarter size piece from the big end.

5) Hold the egg gently but firmly in one hand and blow hard and suddenly into the small end. Catch the egg with the other hand. Don't blow gently building up pressure, but a fast puff like a cough.

It looks like a magic trick but works 99 times out of 100 on the first try.

If it doesn't work properly, try it without checking your email while the eggs are boiling, and forgetting about them.

Have FUN!

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By Lisa 2 656 02/23/2011

I agree with Suntydt. I read somewhere (here?) about old vs. new eggs. Old eggs are supposed to be much easier to peel. Using vinegar came up in the discussion, too. I haven't tried the vinegar, because I don't boil eggs very often. However, I did not know about salt keeping them from cracking. That's good to know!

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By Linda from Bloomington, IL 76 172 02/23/2011

I crack the shell all over by tapping it of table or counter. Then poke hole in wide end and start peeling.

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By Maile 49 114 02/23/2011

I always do the first smack on the big end of the egg, then peel with a little water running. The water gets between the egg and the membrane, making it easier to peel...

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By Irishwitch 390 18 02/23/2011

I put the eggs in a bowl of ice water, wait a couple of minutes, then take on egg at a time, run it over hot water, and the shell comes right off!

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By Eileen M. 56 240 02/24/2011

A friend of mine swear that if you run the pot under cold water right after they are cooked, and rattle the eggs around in the pan a lot, the shells will peel off so easily! Of course you can't do that when you are coloring the eggs, but it works for just regular egg salad, etc.

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My Uncle taught me this trick years ago...add a couple tablespoons of salt ( I add about 3 tablespoons) to the water before boiling the eggs, then boil eggs as you always do with the added salt of course, then as soon as they are done,drain them,then in the same pan shake eggs around to crack the shells,add cold water & peel, I swear they will peel right off!

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