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Wax Paper as Shelf Liner

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Use wax paper to line your kitchen shelves instead of buying expensive shelf liner paper. It's easy and cheap!

By Lisa M.


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By Elgie [4]01/26/2015

Even better is freezer paper. Nice width and has a glossy side that is easy to wipe off.

By Bella [1]07/13/2005

We watch for the close out on wall paper and get very good buys on it. Cleans good and works great. We also line our dressers with it. Also in the bottom where the food and pots and pans are we use vinyl flooring. Cut to size and washes so easy. Just about never needs replacing.

By Tedebear (Guest Post)07/13/2005

We used the vinyl floor tiles from the dollar store. By choosing a "marble" pattern, there was no matching and once done, at an economical price, the shelves are so easy to maintain.

By jackiemccann (Guest Post)07/13/2005

I used the left over vinyl tiles from my kitchen flooring project to line the cabinets and shelves in my kitchen. It is easy to clean the surfaces with a damp cloth

By Jackie (Guest Post)07/13/2005

I have used the vinyl floor tiles left over from my kitchen flooring project. I stuck the tiles down onto the bare wood of the cabinet. This really paid off in my under-sink cabinet, when the drain to the garbage disposal leaked, it was very simple to clean up there because of the vinyl tiles. I even used them to line the kitchen drawers. Then it is easy to clean my shelves and drawers with a damp dishcloth.

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