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Using Peanut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil

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Does any one know if you can substitute vegetable oil with peanut oil? Please let me know asap. I am baking honey bars.

Thanks for all your help,
Deb from Largo



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By Lilac [18]03/28/2011

Peanut is an excellent oil, if you aren't allergic to peanuts.

By Paulette, Ft. Lauderdale (Guest Post)03/21/2008

Great thanks. I almost forgot about the fact that some people are allergic to peanuts. Thanks for the great advice and very quick response.

By Lynda (Guest Post)06/15/2007

Yes, you can, but I prefer using Grapeseed Oil. I also use Coconut Oil to replace shortening. All taste great and can hardly be detected.They all are healthier overall than Corn, Safflower oils. Soy is not suspected to be bad for us because it prevents the absorbtion of nutrients. God bless you. : )

By U*u*U (Guest Post)05/10/2007

Yes, you can use peanut oil for all general cooking, although it's usually not a good substitute for olive oil. You need to be careful though, to make sure everyone you're feeding knows the food is prepared with peanut oil. Allergies to peanuts are widespread, and can be lethal to the unsuspecting diner.

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