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Sofa Color For Green Living Room


What color sofas should I put in my living room which has light green walls and the curtains have dark green pelmets?




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By Lisa 2 131 09/24/2008 Flag

Take a look at a color wheel and let your imagination run wild! You could do the opposite of green and have colors in the red/violet red family, or next to green you could venture into yellows and oranges on one side, or blues and blue violets on the other. Or, pick any print that includes the colors already present and that will work fine as well. Finally there is always the "safe" route including beige and brown.

I look at furniture this way: it's a lot easier and less expensive to change the color of my walls or accessories than it is a large piece of furniture.

Here is a color wheel to get you started, have fun!

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By joan pecsek 88 545 09/24/2008 Flag

Off-white, beige or a brown tweed would work well with your colors.

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By Anna (Guest Post) 09/24/2008 Flag

Definitely beige or light brown!

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By Carol Young 89 39 09/24/2008 Flag

I think a deep taupe would be gorgeous!


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By (Guest Post) 09/24/2008 Flag

Why not dark green? Or even some dark green print...leaves or something? Sounds kinda cool to me, though I am no interior decorator. : )

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By cubfur (Guest Post) 09/26/2008 Flag

I have green walls and i bought a light brown chaise lounge and my couch is brown and tan. Also have brown rugs. I can post pic. it's golf theme room so it works well

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 09/26/2008 Flag

I'd go for the tans, so if you want to change the paint color down the road, your sofa will match pretty well any color

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By tahlula 4 203 09/27/2008 Flag

Very saturated eggplant or deep chocolate brown.

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By L Jones (Guest Post) 09/27/2008 Flag

I definitely would not use another neutral color in the room. It sounds like you could use a "pop" of color. How about a cinnabar (in between red and orange" it also is neutral enough that if you do decide to change curtains or wall color again, you could then paint your walls a tan or taupe.

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By bushra 1 1 09/28/2008 Flag

Guys you have been a great help thanks! What I have chosen is a base of cherry brown with printed (a mix of green, brown, white and beige) seats. The cushions on the back are a mixture of the seat colors and contrasting stripes like red, dark browns and dark greens. I'll post a picture once I get it delivered. Thanks a bunch!

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