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Dyeing Blue Jeans


Has anyone found a way to successfully dye bluejeans in an area that was purposefully bleached or faded by the manufacturer? I found a great pair of Apple Bottoms jeans at my local Goodwill, but the front of the legs have a wide band of material that was either bleached or faded by the company. I'd like to soften the effect if possible. Any help out there?

By MT from Tampa, FL


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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 11/28/2005 Flag

I was wondering if anyone has ever re-dyed blue jeans. I really dislike light blue jeans and was wondering if I could get some dark blue/indigo colored dye and use it.


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By OliveOyl 602 06/13/2010 Flag

You can try dyeing the jeans, but I doubt if they will turn out one even color. I'd try navy blue or black. Anything would be an improvement.

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By Eileen M. 56 240 06/15/2010 Flag

Maybe consider bleaching the whole pair of jeans? That might make the faded area less noticeable.

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By Piper B. 1 11/19/2012 Flag

You should use a fabric lightener, which will make the entire garment that bleached color. Then, you can use blue or black fabric dye to overdye them the color that you want.

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Archive: Dying Blue Jeans

Is it possible to dye blue jeans black? I am a black fan, completely, but finding acceptable and inexpensive black jeans is difficult. (It is for me, anyway.) I have several blue jeans that I want as black as I can get them. Is there a reasonable way to do it?

Myst-Eerie from Toronto Canada


RE: Dying Blue Jeans

I have re-dyed blue jeans many times. All you have to buy is the boxed dye that you can buy at most grocery stores and I know wal-mart has it. Just a couple buck and tah-duh a new pair of jeans. I have even fixed a stain by doing this. Once I got some bleach on a brand new pair of jeans so I ended up bleaching the whole pair of jeans so they would match to the bleach spot and than I re-dyed them and you could not tell what had happened and they looked great!! (03/22/2005)

By Carla

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

Sure! I used to do that all the time in college both to extend the life of my blue jeans, and because I felt that faded blue jeans looked "sloppy".

My only advice is to rinse them SEVERAL times before wearing them, and possibly soak them in some water with vinegar, too, then rinse again. This will help the colour to set. Otherwise, the blue dye might discolour your skin/socks/underwear a bit if you get caught in the rain. (03/22/2005)

By Ela

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

I've dyed and re-dyed jeans many times. Just be sure to wash them only with the dark wash from now on! (03/22/2005)

By cookwie

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

I do it all the time. Hubby has the lighter blue, and I use the Royal Blue, which brings them back to the original shade. The Indigo brings the darker blue jean back to life too. (03/22/2005)

By syd

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

Use Rit dye. Follow the package directions, especially about adding salt. If you choose to buy black jeans, Walmart just got some bootcut Faded Glory jeans in three or four washes/colors, including black. They were $16. (11/28/2005)

By thriftyboo

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

Purchase 2 items by Rit, found in the supermarket laundry aisle. First is Rit Color Remover which removes dye from clothes. Second, get Rit Jet Black or Black Denim Dye and follow package directions. The cost is minimal and the time is only several machine wash cycles. Good Luck! (12/05/2005)

By dashton

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

In 1985 I died a pair of denim jeans black. Within 3 washes it turned into a dark gray, not black, so I was not real happy. The jeans continued to fade with every wash. Perhaps RIT has changed their black formula since then, but I followed the directions exactly and it just didn't work out real well.

Instead of using a washer, use a large bucket or Rubbermaid container. Just swish the clothes around for a minute every 5 minutes to get an even dye job.

Also, when I dyed my jeans, I ran an empty load through the washer, with a water level of "extra high" and added about 2 cups vinegar, no soap. There was no staining in the washer from the dye.

By bulrush

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

I have been dying the knees of my jeans years and the dye would come out in the dryer so I started using mesh zipped-up bags and it works fine but you have to be careful to match the old color. (12/26/2006)

By Moe

Archive: Dyeing Blue Jeans

How can I find a place that will dye my jeans from blue to black?

Kristina from Fresno


RE: Dying Blue Jeans

You could do it yourself at home using black RIT dye for much cheaper than someone will charge you to do it. Do not use the dye in the washer as it stains badly. I use an old trash can (once it is washed out, etc., of course). Hope this helps. (02/07/2007)

By croppincrazyncolorado

RE: Dying Blue Jeans

I dyed my jeans twice, the first time I used Rit powder dye "blue denim" and that color was not like a dark wash at all. The second time I used two packages of navy blue powder and half a package black for two pairs, they are nice and dark now. (02/22/2008)

By sunshine1967

Archive: Dyeing Blue Jeans

How do I dye denim jeans?

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