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Cocoa Butter for Eczema


I have eczema. I was wondering if you can use cocoa butter to help with eczema. I researched it on the internet but they wouldn't say what type of cocoa butter to buy. Can cocoa butter help with eczema? If so, what type of cocoa butter can i use?

Kimberly from Columbia, SC


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By pam froelich 9 29 01/03/2007 Flag

hi..our family has eczema-we use eledel (prescription and it is great) found this on cocoa butter type -- and

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By marykayscrap (Guest Post) 01/03/2007 Flag

I use Aveeno hydrocortizone 1%. I used to use elidel, but the Aveeno costs less (even with insurance) and works just as well, for me anyway.

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By jmouse13 (Guest Post) 01/05/2007 Flag

I have used Relief Cream for about 5 years now. for my Ecema. It has Tree Tee Oil, and Aloe Vera in it. It is non perscription, and works better than anything I have tried. The perscription ones seem to make my skin thinner

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By debbie, columbia, sc (Guest Post) 01/05/2007 Flag

Evening Primrose oil topically. They have it at vitamin shoppe. You can also take it orally. A need for essential fatty acid is a cause of eczema.

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By Diane 1 21 01/05/2007 Flag

I have had eczema for 42 years. I think I've had every treatment under the sun including perscription creams, soaks and even ultra violet rays. My excema was confined to my hands which was a nightmare. Even to pick up a cup, my hands would crack and bleed. The only thing that worked was steroids which couldn't be taken often. In desperation, I tried a cream that I found on the internet. It was offered for free with just the cost of shipping (samples). Cocoa butter never worked for me either. This cream is called yu-be and has been used in Japan for multiple things. It worked so well, that I am now a distributor. here is the link, you can search the site for a retailer near you. If you can't find someone, you can contact me at grammiecracker AT I think you can get the trial sizes on the site. Good luck, Daine

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By Mary 12 195 01/11/2007 Flag

I can't attest to this but I've also heard that you can use coconut oil for eczema. I recently purchased a small canister of some at WalMart for a couple of bucks over on the food aisle where the oils are. It can be ingested as well as used for cooking but is also supposed to be good for the skin. It comes in a solid form but will melt from the heat of your hand into a liquid form. I tried a little on my hands and they felt soft as a baby's bottom and not at all greasy. Might be worth a try.

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By cathy 2 61 07/24/2008 Flag

may I suggest you get Vanicream . It is in a soap , a lotion and a really nice skin cream in a tub. The skin cream is wonderful . You can buy it on the internet . Try It will work for you . Cathy from ma.

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