Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin


I would like advice on how to get rid of burning from hot peppers on the hands. I have tried lemon, alcohol, tomatoes, and ice. Nothing works, my hands hurt with the burning.

By JoaniSmi from Hershey, PA


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By Tracy Williams 5 08/23/2009

You might try milk. It stops the burning in your mouth when you eat hot things. Maybe it will help your hands. Good Luck!

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By Amy Crowley 3 57 08/25/2009

Lemon juice, to neutralize it, then Dove soap and lotion.

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By tahlula 4 203 08/26/2009

You need binding molecules. Capsicum/capsation (the component that makes peppers and chiles hot) bonds with fat. Rub lotion, yogurt, cream, or butter on your hands to bind the capsicum/capsation and then use soap to wash it all away.

This works for the same reason drinking water or beer after hot food does not relieve the hotness while a few sips of milk or a spoonful of ice cream would.

To prevent irritation in the first place: coat your skin with oil before you start working with the chilies and wash thoroughly afterward. Also, NEVER, NEVER touch you eyes while working with "hot" food.

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By Debbie Jennings 3 43 08/26/2009

I have found that the best way is to prevent the peppers from coming in contact with your skin. I always use rubber gloves when working with hot peppers. No burning hands and no blisters, either. I use the gloves that you would wash dishes with. They are a tight fit. I have a pair especially for peppers and onions.

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By Regina 13 08/26/2009

I've had good luck with plain vinegar, but prevention is the best! If you don't have gloves just use plastic bags over your hands while handling the peppers.

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 08/26/2009

Wear gloves when handling hot peppers! Save yourself the pain!

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By Beth 25 1,120 08/26/2009


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By lfwcoyote 1 07/30/2011

I tried everything then went to Walgreens and got some Walgreen brand aloe vera Burn Relief continuous spray with lidocaine. It helped with the burning for another thirty minutes then the Pain was gone! My hands didn't even respond to hot water anymore It was the best thing I ever stumbled across!

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Tip: Baking Soda for Hot Pepper Burns

I like spicy food, so I never give a second thought to cutting up hot peppers in my kitchen. But I have really sensitive skin and unlike the TV chefs, I've not invested in keeping surgical gloves in my kitchen for the odd times that I want to cut up a jalapeno.

Recently when cutting up a garden fresh jalapeno pepper I bought at the farmers' market, I got myself in some real trouble. Even after an hour of washing my hands over and over, the skin on my hands was really stinging from the pepper juice I got on them. When my boyfriend noticed how uncomfortable I was he said, "Try making a paste out of baking soda and wash your hands with that."

Baking soda is something I always have around. I put about two tablespoons of baking soda in my hands and slowly dripped some cold water into the powder until it was a pasty consistency that I could rub all over my hands.

I got almost immediate relief, but kept rubbing the paste around for about a minute and then rinsed my hands in cold water. My right hand was totally back to normal. The skin between the fingers of my left hand was still burning a little, so I washed with the paste one more time and it took away every last bit of the sting.

Baking soda is amazing!

By Karen from Washington, DC

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I just cut hot peppers with green peppers and forgot to put on my gloves. What is the best thing to use to relieve the burn on my hands?

By Margie

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By Margaret 13 124 09/08/2011

Thirty years ago we lived in New Mexico and every year we would buy a 100 pound sack of chiles. Hubby would roast them and I would peel them and put in the freezer for all year long use. One year we got the extra hot instead of the hot. My hands were shaking they were burning so. I called my doctor and he told me to use Comet or Ajax or any abrasive cleaner. Put some (I don't remember how much) in a dish pan filled with ice cold water. Soak your hands in that. I knew he was a doctor but I thought he was crazy. I tried it anyway. It worked!! Of course, that was a long time ago...before aloe vera use, and other remedies, became widespread.
Margaret from Denton, Texas

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Archive: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

I got some hot pepper juice on my hands and it is burning. Does anyone know how to sooth it?

Beth from Bloomfield, IN

RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

Try milk; it helps neutralize the capsicum. (08/14/2008)

By Jilson

RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

Many years ago, when we lived in New Mexico, every year we would get a hundred pound sack of chile peppers. We would roast them, peel them and then freeze them to be used all year long. One year we decided to get the "extra hot". We were told that we really didn't want extra hot, but we were young and foolish. Well, my hands were burning up so I called my doctor. He told me to soak my hands in ice water in which I put COMET or AJAX, any type of abrasive cleanser. I thought he was crazy, but I did it anyway. It did take the burn and the sting away. Good Luck. (08/14/2008)

By matjat

RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

Use baking soda, you can just sprinkle it on your hands and rub or make a paste with a little water. Good luck. (08/14/2008)

By Linda

RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

I like you had burning hands from peppers. I put vegetable oil on my hands and put on cotton gloves, it took away most of the burning effect. (08/14/2008)


RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

Also, you can use something acidic like lemon juice or vinegar. (I haven't tried vinegar, but I think it would work, but I know the lemon juice does) Also, salt and beer are known to neutralize the chemicals from peppers that cause the burn (capsacian). (08/15/2008)

By bailegirl

RE: Removing Hot Pepper Juice From Skin

Have you tried aloe vera? I keep a plant on my fridge to sooth any burning sensation. I don't know if that will work or not. I think it's probably not "juice" but "oil" that you're struggling to get off? Maybe some type of grease relief product? Good luck. Pam (08/16/2008)

By Pam T

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