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Cheerleader Banquet Centerpieces and Favors


I am responsible for a High School Cheerleader Awards banquet and need ideas for centerpieces and favors. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks.



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By (Guest Post) 10/08/2007 Flag

I was a cheerleader through high school and college up til last year. Throughout the years I've received all kinds of things. One year they decorated small canning jars with cheerleading quote stickers and scrapbooking stickers. They put cloth on the top that was school colors with our name on it. Then they filled the jar with candy. It made a nice centerpiece and at the end of the night you found your name and took it home.

Other things they did was decorate a 1/2 gallon milk jug by spray painting it our school colors then decorating with stickers and photos and they had our names and balloons and ribbons tied to the handle. We got to take those home too at the end of the night.

My college coach was a fan of getting the cheap plain plastic frames from wal-mart and personalizing them with our names or a quote or something from the year and then inserting a squad photo.

Another thing she did was took cheap large picture frames and made an arrangement of photos that had each of us separately or doing something funny in it. Each one was made just for the person it was going to. That one was one of my favorites.
Hope that helps.

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I need some ideas for centerpieces for a cheerleading banquet. I would like to have the centerpieces depict cheerleading.

Beverly Stanton (2-8-2005)


RE: Centerpiece Ideas for a Cheerleading Banquet

How about a block of wood in the team colors with a hole drilled in the top and a pompom or two stuck in the hole. (02/08/2005)

By Marietta - guest

RE: Centerpiece Ideas for a Cheerleading Banquet

Hi, what about megaphones, maybe as a vase or over a vase. (02/11/2005)

By Amanda

RE: Centerpiece Ideas for a Cheerleading Banquet

For our annual cheerleading banquet we used 3 helium balloons in our school colors in a clump and surrounded them with the girls pom pons. We also rounded up snap shots that the girls had taken of each other throughout the year and blew them up to an 8X10 size. We stood them up against the pom poms. It was darling, but also a great way for the girls to remember all the fun things that had happened during their cheerleading year. We placed several centerpieces like this with different pictures on each one along the tables. (03/13/2005)

By Bridgit Dallin

RE: Centerpiece Ideas for a Cheerleading Banquet

Go here:

You can also use the words "cheerleading centerpieces" and things will come up for you to look at.

By Michele (Guest Post)

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