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Mosquitos and Flies in My Apartment

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With all of this damp weather I have been having a problem with mosquitos and flies in my apartment. I need to know a safe way to kill them as I have a cat. The people that built these new townhouse building forgot to put screen doors on and there's only two small windows in my apartment. I never heard of an apartment house without a screen door in Maine. The landlord refuses to install screen doors on my apartment. Yet Avesta Housing wants me to keep my cat indoors with no screen doors to keep her from going out. Is it okay to use the coils that you burn indoors?

Thank you,
Kathie from South Portland, Maine



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By Sam02/19/2010

In San Diego we don't get too many flies- but we do have retractable screens.

By Sophie (Guest Post)10/01/2008

They breed inside the wood windows because there is still water there. Anyplace with still water (drains) they will breed.

By farmgirl (Guest Post)09/23/2007

Type in homemade safe fly traps on google, that should help!

By (Guest Post)08/24/2007

Wow, does anyone here know how to read? She said she DOES have screens.

By Leandra (Guest Post)09/09/2006

I have these tiny moquitoes milling around my bedroom window. The windows are closed and they have screens. I don't know from where are they coming from. I previously had bees in the apartment in the same place ( the window). Now the mosquitoes have taken over. I feel very frustrated about this situation. My apartmene is super clean and have no clue why mosquitoes are in my apt.

By Kathie [23]07/06/2006

Hi Amy,

Do you leave the bag of water open or closed and how do you hang it. Thanks

By Amy. (Guest Post)07/06/2006

What we do for flies, and it has been working for over a year, is place a baggie of water by the door. We hang ours. This is supposed to cause them to see wrong, so they stay away. As for mosquitos, Have you tried citronella oil...the kind you get from a health food store? My son rubs it directly on his skin and NOTHING touches him. Maybe you could dab it around the doorway and windows. Also, see if you can report you landlord.

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)07/06/2006

I dont think your housing is legal without the required screens. Many diseases are spread by mosquitoes. You will need to report your landlord to authorities.

By irene [8]07/06/2006

If you have windows that are too small to find screens for, purchase some mesh screening to fit your windows and use tacks to attach to the framing. Allow enough surrounding material to fasten it to the framing.

By kidsNclutter07/05/2006

The coils & other mosquito/bug repellants that you burn are toxic to humans & domesticated animals. As are citronella candles. These items were made for outdoor use only, for this reason. Indoor use would allow the toxins to build up, causing possible adverse health consequences.

By Kim McGrantham [16]07/05/2006

I know they make portable retractable screens for windows. I think you can get them in Home Depot. I know that Carol Wright magazine carries these door size screens that go on with velcro to make an instant screen door. DO a web search for Carol Wright magazine and go to the website to order.

By Crystal [3]07/05/2006

Here in Texas I don't ever see screen door on apartment doors. It is kind of a funny thought to me...anyways, I use the OFF! Power Pad lantern things in my house and they work great. If we get too many mosquitos in the house I just light it up and it works great, the instructions say not to use it indoors but I have never had a problem. Hope this helps =)

By Vic (Guest Post)07/05/2006

I think you need to contact a legal source. I don't think that's legal. There's probably a free source in your area. I know a woman's association here provides free legal advice 1 night a week here. It sounds like you don't have AC & they would have to provide an adequate source of ventilation if you have to keep your doors & windows open.

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