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Bread Machine Stopped Working


I have a bread machine (ABM-100-3SN 37128644). I set the machine on French bread, pushed start, it starts kneading, then stops in 10 min. then nothing. Timing Set is not on. I have tried timing but still no results. Please help. I need bread today, but my machine did not come with instructions. I have all ingredients in. What buttons do I need to push to make bread? Thanks.



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By C. R. 38 05/09/2008 Flag

You could try the web site for the maker of your machine. They usually have the directions for their machines- some even have links so you can copy their whole book of directions.
Good luck - I really like the machine I have.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 05/09/2008 Flag

That manufacturer will probably have a downloadable version of the manual that came with your machine. Worked for my vacuum cleaner that I got at a thrift shop, I downloaded the book for it.

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By Janice C. 18 710 05/11/2008 Flag

This is probably too late for you - I checked my Oster manual, and the French bread setting is for 3 hours and 50 minutes. The first 18 minutes it kneads, then it rises the first time for 40 minutes, so your machine is not working right.

Troubleshooting possibilities: check bread pan and blade to make sure they are snugly in position. Also check that room temperature is between 60 and 85 degrees F. If machine is too cold or too hot, it may not work. Warm it up or cool it off, as appropriate. Sometimes it helps just to pull the plug, leave the machine off for a minute, and then plug it back in. That should clear the machine, and you can start all over. Good luck. Homemade bread is great stuff.

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By susan 8 1,368 06/01/2008 Flag

For french bread, the cycle is:

Primary kneading 15 minutes
Primary rising 60 minutes
Secondary kneading 18 minutes
Secondary rising 20 minutes
Loaf shaping 2 seconds
Final rising 75 minutes
Baking 23-50 minutes
Cooling 42-15 minutes

After the primary kneading, the dough will just set there and rise; the machine will seem to do nothing. The timer button is used only when you want the machine to make bread later that day--I never used mine.

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By mei may (Guest Post) 12/14/2008 Flag

I've had the welbilt bread machine for a while and just started to use it today. I threw in the ingredients and it started it up... nothing happened... I waited for it to mix... and nothing 2 hours later... I know for whole wheat it says you should wait so the liquid can absorb the dry ingredients? But I'm making a sweet bread, so I chose that function. I pulled out the pan and felt the heat wire, and it was hot... is this normal? I've plugged and unplugged several times now... help please

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By eric 1 10/15/2009 Flag

On most electronic appliances these days and computers as well, if you press and hold the start button and count to 10 that might trigger a reset of the memory and clear it and the machine may work properly. Also unplug the appliance for 10 minutes, and also press button "Start" down for 10 sec. while machine is unplugged. Electronic appliances store a small amount of power in a tiny cell so that electronics retain the program to operate. That's why electronics that sit for years will not work, the cell died and the memory went bad.

Also try holding down other buttons one at a time as well as counting to 10. Look around on machine bottom etc. for a tiny hole that says "Reset", take a ball point pen and press it and hold down 5 sec. Your problem may have been caused by a power outage while machine was on, and this corrupted the program, it just needs to be reset. Or just remove pan and start and let machine run through the entire cycle, like a washing machine when it gets unplugged or outage while in cycle. You have to blow out the memory chip of the corrupted data, and it will reset automatically.

Last effort, have an electrician open up machine and check for a bad "inline fuse" and ask him to look for a reset button on circuit board inside unit as well, and to test the system battery storage unit, a small battery. It all takes about 5 minutes, he just puts a little tester on it.

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