Poem: Life's Garden


Life is like a garden.
Each day a budding flower,
Unfolding at the dawning
To close at sunset hour

Life is like a garden
With a bit of sun and rain,
Helping it to grow
And strength and beauty gain.

Life is like a garden
Where we may sow the seeds
Of happiness, contentment and faith,
By kind and constant deeds.

Life is like a garden
Rich and fertile as the sod,
Where we may reap our blessings
With the help of God.

Thought this was a special poem. I hope someone else might enjoy it as well.

By Robin from Washington, IA



By Kendy 5 130 08/22/2006

Thank you, Robin- it was very sweet.

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By May (Guest Post) 08/23/2006

I love the poem. Thanks.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 08/24/2006

Men and women write lovely words, sweet thoughts, and with creative imagination. David of the Bible was such a man/king who was favored by God very much
for his poetry and songs(Psalms), so lovely that he
showed how very much we could each know and love
the God of the Bible as he had come to know and love Him. God Himself is a Master poet, the Creator
of Heaven and Earth, and there is NONE like Him.
He speaks of how our heart is like a field of soil, some fertile, others stoney, others rocky and sparse.

When His Word is cast like seed and lands on one of
several kinds of soil in a human heart, taking root as any seed might IF the soil is fertile, then it sprouts later IF "watered" by more of His Word read or spoken into the heart. As with any plant and patience, still later on it produces a "fruit" of some kind.And just like any seed
after it has "died" as a seed and "lived again" as a
plant that produces something good and lovely, it grows to maturity according to how much of His
Word is "watered" into it and nurtured by it. So that
it, too, like the most desirable enduring plants do, reseeds itself, "sowing" into another "heart" and being "watered" with His Word. This is the most beautiful life cycle.

Since God created everything on Earth, the Gardens are His "on loan" to us for us to tend, learn His lessons from, reap "fruit" and "seed" from, and to share with others, the most precious part, just as we do on Thrifty Fun. God's blessings to you.

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By Sharon 4 66 08/24/2006

Thanks for sharing.
Was very thoughtful of you.
I enjoyed it.


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By Sharon 4 66 08/24/2006

Thanks for sharing.
Was very thoughtful of you.
I enjoyed it.


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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 08/28/2006

Just saw this poem thank you it was ver nice.

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Here are questions related to Poem: Life's Garden.

Question: Meaning of a Stanza in Poem

Explanation of this stanza :
life is like a garden.
each day a budding flower,
unfolding at the dawning
to close at sunset hour.

By asin

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Most Recent Answer

By Shawna 37 67 07/17/2013

"life is like a garden."

Our lives have many days, just as a garden has many flowers.

"each day a budding flower,"

Each one of those days is like a flower that slowly opens, brand new.

"unfolding at the dawning"

Just as a flower unfolds and opens its petals, each day we have unfolds before us when we awake.

"to close at sunset hour."

At the end of the day, it ends, just as some flowers open and bloom for just one day from sunrise to sunset.

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