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Where can I go to have a cheap but elegant wedding reception? I am very creative and I am willing to do all the decorating myself. I am also looking for a place available for short notice (May 2007), if we have to we will also provide our own food.

Colie from Green Bay, WI


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By Liz Orr 9 25 12/07/2006

Small towns with vfw's,moose,ect ect. is an option. They are for the most part cheaper too. Drive a little save a lot.

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By ayenbe 3 12/07/2006

We rented a gazebo at a small, local park. We were able to decorate it ourselves and have food delivered and set up as we wanted it. As it was a park, alcohol was not permitted, but we didn't mind this restriction at all. If you do have your reception outside, be sure to consider this when planning your menu and the timing of the cake being delivered. Nobody likes to eat "warm" shrimp cocktail, or have the flowers melting off of the cake!


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By Valerie 1 02/04/2007

I am to soon marry my fiance. We are waiting for his pre deployment papers to finalize a date, don't want to schedule something and he wont be here! LOL But I just recently moved to Louisville, KY and I am clueless as to where I should look for a place to have our ceremony and reception in one. We will only have about 20 people there, but we want to have the dancing, eating and just have a good time. Any suggestions?

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By (Guest Post) 02/04/2007

How about a local campground? Most have an activity hall or function house? Girl scout or boy scout camp? State park with a large covered picnic area? The local VFW, Elk's or Eagle's clubs around here are like $200.00 but if you know someone who is a member you can ask them to rent it in their name for you and get it cheap-cheap.

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By teresa rivers (Guest Post) 09/09/2007

I'm looking for a place for a reception in central FL.

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By victoria (Guest Post) 01/10/2008

I need a cheap place to hold a reception the date is April 26,2008 for about 150-200 people will provide private catering.

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By susan (Guest Post) 02/01/2008

Hi I live in Conroe, TX and I need a cheap place to have my reception. I'm not sure where to have it, and don't know many places. Help

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By Deana. W (Guest Post) 06/28/2008

I am planning our Wedding as I write this. We have rented a quality park shelter for our Wedding/Reception at a reasonable price, we can have it dawn to dusk at 110.00. Our Ceremony will be Outside with a Arch I bought at Michaels for 9.99 and I went to Walmart for Tulle & Vining, Ribbon. My Reception will be Indoors mainly with the option of outdoor fun for any children. Indoor shelter is is my Rainy day back up. I'm decorating from my local dollar store & Michaels mainly. My colors are pastel blues & lavender & I've bought my tablecloths, plates, cups, plastic ware and anything that is workable from $$ store. At Michaels they have $1 bins and I picked up my ribbons. a lot of my flowers for .59 to .99 each. Made my own bouquet and found favors at Michaels in there Clearance bins.

Go budget hunting at you'll be surprised what you can find, In 2 weeks I've spent a whole $50.00 on all my reception ideas using the double heart & Love theme. Add the shelter & were burning our own Ceremony music & Dance music off our computer & taking my smaller stereo. Being this is not our first marriage we opted to be very thrifty but elegant and comfortable. Hope these ideas help some. Best Wishes..

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By Melissa James 1 01/24/2014

You can find a cheap wedding venue in your area on http://www.gatheringguide.com/event_categories/event_venues.html for wedding venues and locations, which may be easier for you.

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By mama_duke10@yahoo.con 1 02/21/2015

Place in Hampton I can have wedding in one side and reception on the other side.

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Archive: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

I have a big problem. I need help! Something of an emergency. We had to go into our wedding money so need to get a hall an to have the reception cheap! My coordinator is paid already. I heard about the fire dept. I need more ideas. Please help me.


RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

You might want to check out your local Women's Club building in your city. My cousin is having her wedding reception there and all it cost is $100 for the entire day. Usually they have kitchens, so that should help. Hope this helps. (07/25/2005)


RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

There are many organizations which have facilities you can rent for the day: VFW's, Mens Clubs which usually have kitchen facilities. Social clubs usually have facilities like Eagles Clubs, Irish or Portuguese clubs. If you call just one, and it's not appropriate for you, ask that person for recommendations. Call your town hall and ask to speak to the first selectman's or mayor's assistant. Call the director of the Senior Citizen Center. They know much, or call the recreation director in your town. Lots of resources are available to address this problem. I wish you a happy wedding day. (07/25/2005)

By Angellface

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

I don't know where you live or in what season you will be holding the wedding, but lots of local parks have covered picnic areas that would work, and can be rented relatively cheaply. If the wedding isn't very large, you could also have it at someone's home. (07/25/2005)

By sunhat

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

Check with your local parks and recreation dept, they may have ideas. Also check the local churches, regardless of where the wedding is held. A lot of churches now have reception halls that they loan out for a donation. If you use either of my ideas please be aware that you will need to line up a few people willing to clean up after all is said and done. (07/25/2005)

By JAN in NC

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

The feed back that I got was fantastic. My wedding is in May20 06. I postponed It since I was pulling my hair out. This is a great site. I also went to a wedding this Saturday and guess what? It was at the woman's club. All the resources were great. Thank you all. (07/26/2005)

By Tashface

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

Check senior centers in your area, they usually have good sized buildings and the rental is usually very inexpensive. (07/26/2005)

By Barbie

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

For my wedding we held our reception at the County Fairgrounds, they usually have nice, big rooms. You will have to clean up at the end of the evening, so remember to ask a bunch of people to be your clean up crew. (07/31/2005)

By Cheesieanne

RE: Need a Cheap Place for Wedding Reception

Check out the local VFW, American Legion, Knight of Columbus, Eagles Clubs, Lions Club if they own a building they may have facilities. Local Churches all may have kitchen and eating facilities if in a pinch. Technical colleges and local college campuses may have banquet area that could be utilized for less than a "wedding Hall". Not to mention park pavilions, establish local camps of girl and boy scouts, Senior centers, community centers. There is somewhere even in small communities. I am in a community of 2000. I formerly lived in a city of 70,000+. I had one girl friend who attended a college who had owner ship of a cottages in Door County Wisconsin. They were beautiful, Scandinavian and a unique setting for a wedding. (10/24/2005)

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