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Emergency Car Heater

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The weather outside is frightful. A nice gift to your family this time of year is a homemade car heater.

Take a coffee can. Drip a fat candle and stick the candle to the middle inside bottom of the can. Put a pack of matches and a candy bar in the can. Put on the lid. Keep it in your car! Keep in the trunk if you have kids.

If you ever break down, you can light the candle and it will produce enough heat to heat the can and help you stay warm until help arrives. :)

Source: Heard from a friend.

By Gooby from Straughn, IN


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By judy [1]12/15/2009

Sounds great, but don't forget the CO2. That the flame may obmit. Keep the window open a bit and stick your head out to get fresh air. Judy

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