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Remove Scratches from Toilet with Comet and Bar Keeper's Friend

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How can I get scratches off of a porcelain toilet?

By Sue from Boston, MA


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By Cindy [3]02/20/2011

A pumice stone, which can be purchased in almost any hardware store that also sells cleaning supplies, will help erase scratches and stains on porcelain and follow it up with a hard scrubbing of elbow grease aided by Comet brand abrasive cleaner. Try in a discrete place first, then use accordingly if the results are satisfactory. Good Luck.


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Archive: Remove Scratches from Toilet with Comet and Bar Keeper's Friend

This tip is for anyone who has scratches in their toilet (like from a snake, etc.). This is so easy and so inexpensive! Use Comet Cleanser, Bar Keeper's Friend or similar brand and sprinkle into water. I usually sprinkle maybe 1/8 cup. Let sit for several hours. You do not have to scrub or touch it in any way. The scratches will magically disappear. I don't know how, but they do with no effort on your part. I do not know if this works with Soft Scrub or similar products. I have only tried Comet and Bar Keeper's Friend.

By Kathy

RE: Remove Scratches from Toilet with Comet and Bar Keeper's

I tried this yesterday with Barkeeper's friend, and it "totally" works. I'd marked up one of our toilets with an auger and was feeling sick about it, but using Kathy's solution for just fifteen minutes eliminated the problem. Thanks Kathy! (05/28/2005)

By Joe

Comet works great on metal scratches in teh toilet bowl

Just sprinkle it in and let it be for a couple of hours. I had scratched the toilet bowl with a wire brush in a misguided attempt to clean it 2 days before vacating the apartment. Glad to have found the forum. Nothing else worked, not liquid cleaners, not scrubbing. But Comet worked like magic (06/21/2006)

By dg

RE: Remove Scratches from Toilet with Comet and Bar Keeper's Friend

We just used Zud Cream Cleanser. It worked in about 2 min. (11/11/2008)

By Bob

RE: Remove Scratches from Toilet with Comet and Bar Keeper's Friend

I scratched my toilet bowl with a metal spoon. We won't go into why a metal spoon was anywhere near my toilet, but I was terrified that the tiny silver scratches would be there forever. I ordered some Bar Keeper's friend, sprinkled it in the toilet bowl (after testing it under the rim first), fretted for two hours, then flushed. Nothing. However, I did notice that there had been a scratch above the water line that was no longer there.

The next morning I emptied the water in the toilet bowl, made a water/Barkeepers Friend paste and put it on the scratches. I waited for twenty minutes and wiped it with a paper towel, voila no marks! I don't know if the toilet bowl sprinkling method didn't work right away because the toilet bowl water was very very cold, or because there was grime over the scratches, but don't get discouraged if the sprinkle method doesn't work. Thank you all so much, now I can sleep in peace tonight! (01/07/2010)

By gigglepuf7

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