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Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Plastic

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A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

While it's never easy to remove permanent marker, there are some things you can try. This is a guide about removing permanent marker from plastic.



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Question: Removing Sharpie From Back of TV

How to remove sharpie marker off the back of a TV?

Sakeitha from TX


Most Recent Answer

By Sara (Guest Post)08/22/2007

Try aerosol hairspray. Our local "dented and dinged" grocery store marks their prices with sharpies and they have a sign at the registers to use hairspray if you want to remove the price. Worth a try.

Question: Removing Sharpie from Plastic Headlamp Lenses

How can you remove Sharpie permanent markers stains from plastic headlamp lenses?

By Jeremy from Richmond, VA


Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 [7]09/18/2010

I have had luck removing Sharpie ink with regular isopropyl alcohol from the grocery store or any drugstore chain. It doesn't harm most surfaces, and usually takes all the ink off.

Solutions: Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Plastic

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