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Hi, I am new so I am not sure if anyone has submited this tip yet. I homeschool my three boys, and money is tight, I needed a cheap way to school them I found out about a great web site, It gives you free sites for teaching materials you need to teach your children.


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By george (Guest Post) 08/03/2004 Flag

Many districts burn hundreds of books and in Utah they give them away for free. Some are brandnew because the principal purchased them and the teachers did not like them. They get money that must be used so they buy new books and their old ones may not be obsolete. Old, old books are harder than new ones. We leave school reading around a 3rd grade level. The old school marm taught 8 grades to read on the 6th grade level.

Choose a book that moves fast so your kids do not get bogged down. All words must end up being a sight word so promote that.

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By Robyn 8 15 09/07/2004 Flag

I love the
site, it is so adorable and for preschoolers. IF you look up homeschool in the searchbar, you are likely to find free websites, like the one I get with lots of sites like I have to home school a child who was vaccine injured and in addition has paranoid schizophrenia. Bless her heart, if I had only knew about vaccines not being given at a young age which have thimerosal in them.....

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